Thursday, March 26, 2009

The "Blue Poodles"

In response to a request for the names of the "Conservadems" referenced in the previous article, here's a list taken from The NY Times, with my observations:

Evan Bayh of Indiana is the ringleader, and here he appears here on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", which is famous for their pro-Republican bias and anti-Obama administration slant. The show's very existence goes a long way to disabuse the notion that the media, especially MSNBC, is overwhelmingly liberal. I've yet to see FoxNews sport a show like "Countdown" or "Rachel Maddow" to balance their radical rightwing agenda.

Six Democratic freshmen, Mark Begich of Alaska, Michael Bennet of Colorado, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Mark Udall of Colorado, and Mark Warner of Virginia.

Herb Kohl of Wisconsin
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana (who abandoned the Democratic party's candidate of record for Connecticut Senate in 2006 to publicly campaign for CFL candidate Joe Lieberman)
Claire McCaskill of Missouri
Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Bill Nelson of Florida (the Nelson Bros.)
And of course, Joseph I. Lieberman, the Connecticut independent (thank you NY Times) is also all for being a member of this group.

Some wag named this group the "Blue Poodles", which is an obvious reference to Bush's "Blue Dogs" of prior years, consisting of a group of Democrats who helpfully enabled George W. Bush to take this nation on the downward spiral that has resulted in our present economic crisis.

It seems that some Democrats just can't help enjoying the punishment that the GOP has meted out over the years. I guess if Rhianna can go back with Chris Brown, we shouldn't be surprised to see battered Democrats willing to continue the cycle of abuse at the hands of Republicans. Maybe an intervention would help, but I'm doubtful.

The video below mocks the reticence that some of the poodles had about being identified as part of the group. So they'd rather be cowardly about their sniveling betrayal rather than owning it like an honorable stand-up person. Sheesh!

Here's the entire purpose of this group summed up perfectly by arch-conservative pundit Pat Buchanan, which clearly illustrates the goal of the GOP in obstructing anything Congress attempts to accomplish:

"If they're cohesive, they can veto any bill that comes down!"


Anonymous said...

The hard lefts reaction to this group reminds me of how the republican party was hijacked by their extreme wing 20 years ago. A party HAS to allow a difference of opinion and not demand strict adherence to dogma. I reviewed the vote patterns of the senate group and they run mostly left of center and hardly resemble Republicans. If you guys think of them as conservatives, then as an independent I have to wonder how far out you are. The problem with Hamsher's piece for example is that you could substitute Bayh's name with any other Senator and find connections to special interest groups on any legislation. So what does it prove? Let her do a similar story for example on the influence of netroots money and the influence it has on certain legislative votes and I would take her more seriously. This reaction from the hard left resembles the looney right of the republicans using the tag RINO on any one of them who deviates from the party line. The vast majority of americans want things fixed and we know that hyper partisanship is the deathknell of progress. It is even sadder to see the Democrats turning on themselves. 2010=1994?it is possible and the left better realize it.

CT Bob said...

There's a big difference between offering constructive solutions and simply being obstructionist for its own sake. Big difference.

So far, all I've heard from the poodles is what the Democrats are doing wrong. If they'd come up with something that works, I'm sure it'll go a long way towards convincing the "hard left", as you call them.