Monday, March 02, 2009

March comes in like a lion...

...a lion with frickin' rabies!*

In other words, it's really nasty out today!

Yup, just to give the science-denying conservatives another excuse to debunk the global warming "theory", Mother Nature has blessed us with a reminder that Winter is far from over.

And She did it on a Monday morning!

'cause, you know, we needed another reason to hate Mondays.

Gee, thanks a lot Mom!

(* this post assumes that even though a lion is normally pretty nasty, if it had rabies, it would be even meaner. Like, SUPER mean! Am I right, or what? Anyway, I'm off to start shoveling.)


claymonster said...

colder winters and milder summers are "science-denying"?
And by "science-denying" do you mean the scientists who side with the Al Gore crowd, or the scientists who are on the other side? It's far from settled, regardless of what Mr. Gore claims.

CT Bob said...

Why does the possibility of global catastrophe have to be one side or the other? Why don't we assume the worst may happen and take steps to avoid it, rather than go along hoping everything will be OK?

What's the downside of trying to use our planet more responsibly?

West Haven Bob said...

The anti-climate change nuts insist that the issue isn't settled by looking only at the 5% or so of scientists who question the facts...while ignoring the other 95% (not to mention overwhelming evidence.)

That being said, the major climatic effect of global warming will be more extreme temperature ranges (i.e., colder winters and hotter summers).

claymonster said...

hmmm... one side or the other... using the planet more responsibly... didn't see such even-handedness in your post. Sorry. I saw "science-denying conservatives" which is incendiary and ugly.

CT Bob said...

LOL! I'm starting to really like the phrase "incendiary and ugly"! Thank you GOP for introducing yet another pithy phrase into the national lexicon.

Actually, this guy is beginning to make a lot of sense.