Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bonus protest takes it to AIG homes

Today's protest of the homes of AIG executives who are benefiting from the bailout by getting gigantic bonuses made national news.

From the Associated Press:
FAIRFIELD, Conn. – A busload of activists — outnumbered 2-to-1 by reporters and photographers — are paying visits to the homes of American International Group Inc. executives in Connecticut to protest tens of millions in bonuses awarded by the company.

About 40 protesters parked at a cul-de-sac Saturday afternoon and walked to the Fairfield home of Douglas Polling. They were met on the curb by two security guards, and one activist read a letter detailing the financial struggles that many Connecticut residents have faced. The group then left the note in Polling's mailbox.

Polling already agreed to forfeit his bonus, but the protesters want AIG executives to do more to help working families.

AIG has received more than $182 billion in federal aid.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine that you aren't too terribly upset by this whole AIG bonus mess, CTBob. Given that it is a done deal at this point, at least you guys in CT stand to benefit from this (ex. Income Tax, Support for Local Business, Charitable donations, etc.) Here's hoping some of those AIG executives live in NY where we could really use some extra tax revenue!!

CT Bob said...

No, I'm very upset about this bonus mess. I'm pissed that Treasury stepped in to mess with the Senate's amendment and that Dodd is being made the fall guy for the administration. I'm getting the feeling that Dodd was stupidly trying to avoid placing blame for the debacle on Geithner, and he got left out to dry for two days before they fessed up.

Obama had better campaign his ass off for Dodd next year.

Anonymous said...

So ctbob you think Dodd's sleazy countrwide and Irish cottage deals are ok?

CT Bob said...

Not at all. But I'm not going to convict the man before all the facts are out. If he's guilty of any wrongdoing, I fully expect him to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how much Obama will be able to do for any democrats coming up for re-election next year. I have a feeling the state of the economy will decide many of the elections.

CT Bob said...

Absolutely. The economy is the #1 issue, and if it doesn't show a significant improvement by, say, this time next year, the Democrats will be in a position to lose many of the gains they've made over the previous two election cycles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, with regards to his real estate dealings, there is no proof whatsoever that Dodd has done anything illegal.

Plenty to raise eyebrows about, but the Countrywide flap was ultimately bull-crap, and the Downe dealings might prove to be the same.

However, in the post-Rowland era it might not matter, as the mere mention of DC condos and vacation cottages gives people shudders and doubts.

I guess we'll get to see.

And look, with Dodd as Sentate Banking Committee Chair, his current struggles could prove a real plus for we, the people. Who knows, maybe we'll see some real reforms shepherded through, which is all I want. (although I'll never vote Republican, not six years worth...)