Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sen. Dodd forgives, likely to forget

Well, the denouement has arrived.

At least as far as Chris Dodd is concerned.

Joe Lieberman has been, for all intents and purposes, forgiven by Chris Dodd and the Senate leadership for his little foray over to the dark side in 2007-08.

Of course, Lieberman wants to have it both ways, and he continues to call himself an "Independent Democrat". I don't know if that's supposed to be a party designation or simply an expression of what a wild and unpredictable "free-thinker" Lieberman fancies himself to be.

I'd love to see any Republican senator have the balls to call himself an "Independent Republican". The GOP would smash him so fast and so hard, he'd wish he was Michael Steele. They would bury him!

Chris Dodd has forgiven Lieberman. But unlike Dodd, Joe Lieberman will always feel the scars on his back from where he implied the knives went in.

And you can be damned sure he'll never forget them.

(h/t to CT Blogger for the "Face The State" video)


mlnmatt said...

January 2008: Ned Lamont in New Hampshire supporting Chris Dodd's presidential campaign. Joe Lieberman on a stage in Connecticut alongside Rob Simmons supporting John McCain.

CT Bob said...

Yes, that is quite the contrast, isn't it?

Jason Hogg said...

"Well, you know Alf...."