Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ned in 2010?

In a NY Times article by Mark Pazniokas (recently given the pink slip by the Hartford Courant in their continuing effort to become "The Nation's Oldest Continuing Published Newspaper That Descends Irreversibly Into Mediocrity"), Ned Lamont offered this tantalizing hint at a possible run for the state's highest executive office:
"He is months away from a final decision, but after previously disavowing any interest in the job, Mr. Lamont said that a gubernatorial campaign grows more intriguing as the economy worsens and the deficit deepens, all harbingers of a protracted budget fight in Hartford."
This statement is in marked contrast to his previous claims of not being interested in joining the race for governor. There's no doubt that his entry into the contest would generate a lot of interest, both here and nationally.

Of course, we all can guess where our junior senator's support will likely go:


Anonymous said...

imagine that. 2010: governor lamont and senator lieberman

Connecticut Man1 said...

I can't see her accepting any help from Lieberman, he is as toxic as credit derivatives right now, so it might be hard to tie them together. If there is a way, I am certain you will find it. lol

Any old stock photos of the two of them together out there in the intertubes that could be dusted off?

CT Bob said...

Well, if Jodi finds herself in a tight race, who knows where she might turn to try to squeeze out a few more votes?

Besides, I wanna see a giant Jodi head on the float! Don't you rain on my parade!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Lamont's entry would signal a first for Connecticut Democrats.

CT Bob said...

Wow. The "shrill bitch vote"? Really?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

It's yet to be seen if that's a large enough block to make her campaign viable.

Normal Democrats seem in short supply as well, which could leave Amann without a large enough base to field a decent run.

Without a totally corrupt official in race, often a favorite for Democrats as it was in the last cycle, it's confusing where the majority will lean.

I suspect a major duke out between the Lamont and Malloy and that should be quite a sight!