Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dodd finally strikes back at criticism

Sen. Chris Dodd responded strongly to his critics yesterday in Enfield during a televised statement to reporters.

Dodd said that he led the battle to include strong language in the amendment that would limit excessive bonuses and executive compensation, and he only changed it at the request of the Treasury Department. He then went on to address how some of the biggest critics of his original amendment complained disingenuously AFTER he changed the amendment.

All of this supports the meme that this is a "media frenzy", where the MSM is jumping on the "bash Dodd" bandwagon in an effort to give people someone to focus their displeasure upon for the current economic crisis. The thing that bothers me is the MSM's obvious lack of impartiality in their coverage. They've decided that Dodd is guilty of deception, and nothing is going to shake that conjecture as long as they're able to attract viewers or sell papers with those dramatic headlines.

As I've already stated on many occasions, I'm not very happy with how Sen. Dodd has handled this mess. His lack of clarity and the mistakes he's made have opened him up to plenty of justifiable criticism. And Dodd has plenty of other issues that need to be addressed to our satisfaction before we can wholeheartedly support him for re-election.

But really, what the media is doing to the guy is simply the cheap and easy way to get headlines. It's not doing much in the way of revealing the truth, and it sure as hell ain't helping get us out of this economic quandary our nation has found itself in.

Perhaps Dodd's final statement in the video sums up where our priorities need to reside:

"The big issue of the day isn't whether or not I get re-elected...the big issue of the day is whether or not our country is going to get back on its feet again."

(h/t to CT Local Politics for the video link)


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

When you're explaining, you're losing.

We won't forget the move to Iowa nor the mortgage mess.

CT Bob said...


Any time you have to explain stuff, you've already lost the debate. I only hope for Dodd's sake that the news finds something else to focus on soon.

What's Sully been up to lately? He back flying planes yet? I have the mental image of Dodd wildly flapping an umbrella at the end of the runway like Sean Connery in the 3rd "Indiana Jones" movie!

Charles said...

Did you catch Occhiogrosso's explanation? He used the word "irony" or "ironic" 4 times and the word "context" twice.

He's flailing!

Anonymous said...

will someone explain to me why dodd's excuse of "the treasury made me do it" is acceptable?

does the man have no balls? if this is true, he should be ashamed that he couldn't stand up for his original position. it amazes me that the left side of the aisle and the media accept this miserable attempt at an excuse.