Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rell freezes office supplies

Yes, it's the infamous "Stapler in the Jello gag", which is a fitting metaphor in this case.

I wonder if Dwight Schrute or Gareth Keenan (depending on which version of "The Office" you prefer) ever had to deal with ALL of their office purchases being frozen? Because that's the latest executive order to come down from Gov. Jodi Rell's office in an effort to cut costs.

The state can expect to cut between $3 to $4 million by not purchasing pens, paper, toner cartridges and such. Which seems like a good idea, until the printer stops working because there isn't any toner left. I haven't seen anything in the news articles that say what state employees can do once they completely run out of necessary supplies and they can't do their jobs. I only hope that this cost-cutting move doesn't impede the normal day-to-day operations of the state.

Because, it would be a lot more expensive than the cost of a lousy toner cartridge to have an office full of people sitting around scratching their butts because they can't do their work!

(...and even though the American "Office" is very popular, for sheer unadulterated cringe-worthy humor you can't beat the English "Office". Get the DVD box set, it's only 12 half-hour episodes, plus a 2-hour special; you can easily watch the entire thing within a week.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ma Rell really does know best. With PC's at every desk and laptops to go, do state workers or for that matter office workers in general need as much paper as they use? J.C. Sr.
P.S. Besides being a fan of CtBob and much of your blog list I'm also a fan.

claymonster said...

I totally agree about the British
"Office" - brilliant.

As for your governor's cost-cutting idea, it is interesting that a state knows what they spend on office supplies (and can predict their soct savings) but no state (or our country) can seem to come up with real numbers when it comes to "projected savings" due to tax cuts/increases, various law enforcement programs, medicare, etc.
I guess my big contribution to saving my boss a couple of bucks is using a mug for coffee instead of styrofoam cups. And always printing two-sided (when printing can't be avoided).

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they could stop writing 350 page budget cutting budgets, making hundreds of copies available to legislators, staff and whomever.

But seriously, has anyone traveled the capitals upstairs halls outside the chambers and seen the boxes upon boxes of mailings waiting for legislators to mail their constituents at election time? Try limiting these puffery pieces designed to foster only their incumbency.

CT Bob said...

"Try limiting these puffery pieces designed to foster only their incumbency."

Nothing annoys me more than the incumbency protection racket that helps ensure politicians stay in their offices long after their effectiveness has gone.

This is why I'm such a big proponent of public financing for elections. It levels the playing field, removes the special interest money from the equation, and makes the incumbents more responsive to their constituents.

Even in these troubled economic times, it's worth even ten times the cost in terms of better government.

CT Bob said...

And yes, Ricky Gervais is possibly the greatest comedic actor and writer alive. I enjoy every single thing the guy has done, even his podcasts with Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. Absolutely brilliant stuff!