Monday, March 02, 2009

Michael Steele on Rush Limbaugh

In a surprising moment of honesty, RNC Chair Michael Steele dares to give his brutal assessment of Rush Limbaugh, and he goes against conventional conservative wisdom by strongly denying that Limbaugh is the de facto leader of the GOP.

Limbaugh is an "entertainer", whose rhetoric is "incendiary" and "ugly". Nothing ambiguous about Mr. Steele's feelings there.

Despite his later backpedaling, Steele's words are out there. On the internet. Just like we like it. If Michael Steele keeps having these sudden attacks of candor, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and predict that he won't be RNC Chair too much longer.


claymonster said...

Words spoken to that pillar of journalism, D.L. Hughley.

Huffpo retracted their screed against Fox News for the alleged and completely unresearched "blue scrotum" remark aimed at Eric Holder, but those words are out there. On the internet. Just like we like it.

This could go on all day.

CT Bob said...

But, Huffpo isn't the head of their party. Michael Steele is supposedly the head of HIS party.

That is, until he tried to go against the true leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh. Jeez, the Republican Party used to have SOME credibility, even though we didn't agree on many things.

These days, it's just a sad joke with a jolly half-a-billionaire pill-popping blabbermouth as its leader. No wonder the Jane & Joe Sixpacks of our nation didn't universally vote for them.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Steele should never have explained a thing.

He's elected, not appointed & Rush knows it.

Rush could tone it down a little; even this Republican can't take him for more than a few minutes at a time - usually no longer than Maddow or the euthanasia candidate that precedes her.

Anonymous said...

Rush should tone it down a little. I dont think so ACR. Rush is entertaining millions and earning as much with his high pitch.
Once he tones it down he will be just another John McCain or worse, Newt Gingras. Revered but not mean enough. J.C. Sr.

claymonster said...

LOL, thank goodness Huffpo isn't the head of the party...

I find myself agreeing in principle to a lot of what Rush says, mostly because he pretty much parrots what Ronald Reagan said in his '64 speech at the RNC.

I guess even though he's been through rehab, he'll always be derided as a "pill-popper" and the weight jokes, etc... none of which add anything to the debate of ideas. Love him, hate him, or consider him irrelevant, he does present a solid case against the "government is the answer to everything" crowd that seems to have moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And that's healthy.

But DANG I wish he hadn't dressed like a 1980's italo-gangster wannabe during that CPAC speech! That just doesn't help.

CT Bob said...

Gotta agree on Rush's fashion sense. He looked like an extra from a Fellini movie!

And about Rush's pill-popping, I'm all for forgiving someone for their weaknesses, but you need to remember that Rush bullied his maid to do his "doctor shopping" for him, and give him prescription drugs that weren't prescribed for him. These are blatant violations of Federal Law.

While it's understandable in the context of addiction, you can only imagine his howling outrage if someone in a position of power and influence on the Left was guilty of the same thing. That, my friend, is the absolute definition of hypocrisy.

We had a similar situation here in Milford recently, where our mayor spirited himself away without notice for a 4-week stint in rehab. I'm fine with that, except that he and his staff didn't notify the Board of Alderman of his absence, nor did he release his budget to the acting mayor, as required by law.

I absolutely can forgive him for his pill-popping, but that's not an excuse to leave the town essentially rudderless for several days until the Alderman eventually wrangled the truth out of his staffers and took control. Thank god we didn't have some sort of emergency that required executive action during that time! We would have been paralyzed.