Sunday, February 07, 2010

Red meat for the Teabaggers

"Sarah Barracuda" (aka "Sarah Palin", aka "VP Loser", aka "That Big-Mouthed Quitter from Alaska") gave an assembly of roughly 600 Tea Party "Patriots" (along with a significant number of racists and felons) exactly what they wanted: talk of "revolution"!
"I believe in this movement ... America is ready for another revolution," said Palin (via UK Telegraph)
Funny how all these people were totally gung-ho over GW Bush's toxic and wasteful policies, but when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office, they can't wait to overthrow the government! Don't they realize that when they criticize the President they're emboldening our nation's enemies? At least, that's what Sen. Lieberman thought in regard to Bush.

Palin, who was well-compensated for her speech (something along the lines of $100,000 has been reported) also gave these "Tea Party Terrorists" what they wanted (because, if you want to overthrow our nation's government, by definition you're a "terrorist") with her silly folksy rhetoric:
"How's that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you?" she asked
Obviously, twelve months was more than enough time to work out all the problems that Bush left us, especially considering we are blessed with such an agreeable GOP caucus in the Senate which supports every single one of President Obama's policies. Right?

Let's face it: the Republicans have worked much harder to obstruct any useful initiatives than they have to actually solve any problems. They don't want our nation to realize ANY success while the Democrats are in power. Your personal suffering only encourages them to continue blocking everything they can, as they seem to think it will benefit them with the votes they covet so dearly.

Rush Limbaugh really nailed it when he said he wanted to see President Obama "fail". He inadvertently revealed the secret GOP agenda for America, and most Tea Baggers are too stupid to see it. Limbaugh WANTS our nation to suffer as much as it takes to put the GOP back in power!
“They own this now, and voters are going to hold them accountable,” Palin said in her speech.
Hopefully the voters will be smart enough to see through this obvious agenda of GOP obstructionism and delay, and hold THEM accountable in the fall elections.

Meanwhile, more and more mainstream Republicans are finding Palin's rhetoric shrill and transparent. More than one has complained that Palin is simply cashing in on the desires of the Republican party by stirring up anti-administration feelings. John Feehery, who advised former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, has some thoughts about the "Saracudda" phenomenon:
“She has attained rock star status,” he said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean she has a great voice, but she has attained celebrity. For a lot of folks she is off-key. But for her supporters, she’s the best thing since Elvis.”

Feehery said he is skeptical Palin will run for president.

“What she is doing, frankly, I think, is trying to make some money,” he said.
And let's not forget that this patriotic little lady received a not-insignificant $1.25 million advance to write her memoir, “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

Apparently, it pays quite well to be a famous loser and quitter!


Well, I didn't have to wait very long for a suitably horrific photo of Palin to make the rounds. This one is from the AP, and I'm tempted to run a caption contest on it, but I just know you sick puppies would get carried away!


JTHM said...

Wow Bob, pull yer claws back for minute will ya? Even on her worst day or moment you can NEVER find something even close to how nasty the ahem... 1st "lady" appears, lookie here for a great example:
Yeah I know it's not even a close fight hehehe, not even in the same ballpark, excuse me, not even in the same state Betcha!
Really now, does your wife know about your increasingly and obvious affection for gay sex acts Bob? Seriously the thought of Teabagging must turn you on becuase you and your friends sure do like talking about it. Of course judging by the way you talk about Mrs. Palin it comes as know surprise that your a member of the He-Man-Woman haters club, or perhaps just a typical hypocritical sexist. I see you like the AP Hit piece toady. It's nice to see you so happy this morning.

CT Bob said...

Heh's funny how the only thing you seem to take issue with regarding my post is that stupid photo!

Obviously you're 100% in agreement with everything I wrote. It's good to see you guys finally coming to your senses!

Lucy said...


What does it say about the Democratic Party, when it (apparently) can't offer policies meaningful and compelling enough to win the support of the millions of Americans who are Palin fans?

CT Bob said...

Lucy, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not totally enthusiastic over every single policy approach that the Obama administration has proposed. I'd like to see him go further on many liberal issues.

But there's no question that the coordinated GOP obstructionism is sabotaging programs that need fixing, and the Republicans are being completely obvious about it.

Again, when the unofficial voice of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, says he wants the president to "fail", you can see that there's no desire for them to do anything that might be constructive.

Hell, even Sarah Palin is afraid to chastise Limbaugh by name for his "liberal" use of the pejorative "retard" last week, right after she called for Rahm Emmanual to be fired over a one-time utterance of the word.

Which says more about Limbaugh's power within the party than Palin's.

lakezoarian said...

Hey "JTHM" this is for you:

And here's the link to some more pictures from that pinhead's appearance:

As for the caption contest, urm ahh, better not...

oldswede said...

Sarah has claimed the Teabaggers as her own. How will this go down with the great majority of them that could not afford the cost to go to Nashville for the show?
Will the Republicans be able to attract this group and will they want to? Sarah will not be an easy pill to swallow and she will not take a secondary role to anyone.
Good time a-coming.

carterman said...

I can't help but laugh when she tries to explain how she didn't quit the Governors office. If she keeps this up, I am fairly certain she will be responsible for the destruction of the republican party.

Peter Carlson said...

There's freedom of speech and then there's treason. Talking about and planning the overthrow of our government and correct me if I'm wrong is treason.

Guess I have to go to the gun store to buy me a shotgun to protect my family from right wing teabaggers.

JTHM said...

Hehe, too funny. Some clown follower of yours Bob gave a link about crib notes scibbled on her hand...LOL! Obama had his telepromter with him to address
6th graders and also has used it at commitee meetings. Lets not compare beauty ( michelle-really? gag) or brains ( Barack "CORPS" Corpse-man) Buhahahah what a joke.

CT Bob said...

Sure, Obama uses a teleprompter for some speeches, just like all recent presidents. But he doesn't try to hide the fact, or ridicule someone for using one. Palin got caught using the technological equivalent of a fifth-grader cheating on an algebra quiz! She deserves to stay after school for what she did, and no cheerleading practice for a week!

Hey, what did you think of "Overnight"? Wasn't Troy Duffy a complete douche?

oldswede said...

I don't get why there is such a fuss over the teleprompters. Obama is a very busy man who makes frequent public addresses. Do we want him to spend his valuable time memorizing a one-time statement? This is beyond silly into the the truly asinine.
What we saw with Sarah is that she has not been able to master the modern technology and depends on the very obsolete. I wonder sometimes what her reading level is. It must not be very high, as she has trouble simple speaking clearly. Dependent clauses are a mystery to her.

oldswede said...

To follow along with my last post, I found a transcript of one of Sarah's answers, the ones that she had crib notes inked on her hand for. She is describing the third part of what the Congressional priorities should be if conservatives took control of both houses:
"I think, kind of tougher to, um, put our arms around, but allowing America's spirit to rise again by not being afraid to kind of go back to some of our roots as a God fearing nation where we're not afraid to say, especially in times of potential trouble in the future here, where we're not afraid to say, you know, we don't have all the answers as fallible men and women so it would be wise of us to start seeking some divine intervention again in this country, so that we can be safe and secure and prosperous again. To have people involved in government who aren't afraid to go that route, not so afraid of the political correctness that you know -- they have to be afraid of what the media said about them if they were to proclaim their alliance on our creator."
Gotta love that crisp, crackling mind at work. The verbal flow is um, well, umm.
A good discussion of this speech is at PALIN AND HER PEOPLE on the Washington Monthly blog by Steve Benen.

West Haven Bob said... it a fool moon, or what?

Lucy said...


Good point about Republican obstructionism.

But the Democrats have been classic enablers - too weak and insecure to stop the bad behavior.

Hey - If we are talking about people dying without health insurance; Americans losing their jobs, homes, and marriages; and poisoning the earth for our children -- then the Democrats have a moral obligation to do the hard, right things, like:

> use their simple Senate majority to change the filibuster rules;
> use reconciliation as aggressively as Bush did to pass meaningful legislation;
> and stop insulting us, as if were children, with BS about how "We can work together with the Republicans" and "Come to me with your best ideas" and "We have to bring civility to DC" etc. etc.

Find a spine. Do what you were elected to do. Stop blaming everyone else for your own failures. Or get out.

West Haven Bob said...

Lucy -

The filibuster rule is part of the "Rules of the Senate"; they can only be changed at the start of a session. Therefore, the Democrats can only address the issue next January...after the midterms.

I for one am opposed to this change. If the Dems were so divided and spineless when they had the putative 60 votes, what makes you think things will be any different? Also, such a change (made only three times in the history of the Republic) opens up a Pandora's box: why shouldn't the GOP make such a politically advantageous change once they hold the majority?

There are problems I would address: the "anonymous hold" power of a single Senator leaps immediately to mind. But the problems faced by the Democrats over the GOP filibuster threat are more of an internal party issue than an institutional one.

CT Bob said...

Lucy - "But the Democrats have been classic enablers - too weak and insecure to stop the bad behavior."

I can't argue with that at all. I've been saying the same thing repeatedly. As you said, the Democratic leadership should grow a spine. Hopefully someday soon they will.

Bob - I'm all for making the Republicans use the filibuster on every single vote if they insist on being total obstructionists. Harry Reid would rather withdraw legislation than put it up for a vote where it might lose.

Me, I think that's a weak-assed way to lead. It sends the wrong message. If you aren't prepared to go down fighting, you shouldn't even lace up the gloves. Let's make the GOP make themselves look like the bad guys. We should talk tough, and be ready to act tough.

I'm really getting angry at the lack of focus and will among our leaders. If trying to get re-elected is more important than doing your fucking job, then you don't deserve the seat! Jesus, what I wouldn't do to see someone else, maybe like Russ Feinberg, be Majority Leader!

West Haven Bob said...

Gotta wonder what woulda been had Murtha been a Senator...

SatichDash said...
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CT Bob said...

The spammers are getting cleverer. They now respond to the topic and then insert a link to their spam website.

My rule here is you're welcome to comment and even include a link to an obvious non-sales related website, like a political blog or a pertinent news story. But I will continue to delete anything that smells like a come-on to get traffic to a sales pitch.

Thank you for understanding.

West Haven Bob said...

I've caught a couple myself.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, at least they're reading this silly blog!

lakezoarian said...

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CT Bob said...


WH Mom said...

West Haven Bob,

Wrong on at least one count. The Senate can change the anti-democratic filibuster rule tomorrow. Senator Harkin has a bill that would completely re-write "Rule 22." But perhaps the Democrats in the Senate (and, of course, I include the CT delegation here) lack the integrity to bring this bill up for a vote.

What a shame.