Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seal Video

Here he is, fresh from Long Island Sound!

He seemed well-fed and contented. I would guess he'll stick around a little longer, then continue on his way.


claymonster said...

I saw something similar to this quite often in my childhood, growing up in St. Petersburg, FL. I was told, however, that the puffy pale creature was called "a tourist".

great little vid - closest I've seen to one of these guys is manatees - but they don't come on shore.

CT Bob said...

Thanks. Yeah, the tourists often have a winter layer of blubber, too! LOL!

He was a welcome visitor, and by showing up in Milford he helped underscore the reason we need to fight to keep Long Island Sound healthy.

Larry said...

Pretty cool!-but form the looks of that video it seems like he might have found a washed up bottle of Wild Turkey or something.

CT Bob said...

He was mighty relaxed, that's for sure. I'm guessing he's used to seeing us clumsy land animals wandering around and jabbering like idiots.