Thursday, July 02, 2009

Because I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough and Gosh, Darn it, People Like Me

I must say, I do love the sound of "Senator Al Franken." I listened to his radio program on Air America via XM radio and was blown away by the depth of his knowledge and his analysis of the issues of the day. Not only that, but he received the Merit Award from the USO earlier this year.
The USO-Metro Merit Award was presented to comedian-politician Al Franken for his seven overseas tours to visit deployed troops and numerous volunteer hours he’s given to wounded warriors at local military hospitals.

Now, I probably missed it when I took my blogging sabbatical, but how many trips to the deployed troops in a war zone have Rush and Sean and Bill-O made? Do let me know.

Married to the same woman, no hint of sexual scandal and nothing about hiking the Appalachian Trail. Sounds good to me.

I think the Senator-elect got it right when he said that he is not looking at being the 60th Democratic senator, but rather, the second senator from Minnesota with a lot of constituent work that needs to be done since Sen. Klobuchar has been on her own since January.

Hmmm....a Senator who is concerned about constituent work...what's that, Joe?


Dan,Lauren,Abby and Connor said...

I also listened to Senator Franken on Air America. His show was outstanding. Our junior Senator Lieberman supported Norm. For the sake of our state and country much help is needed to make sure we don't see Lieberman on the Senate floor in 2013. He will probably be side by side with Hadassah lobbying Bristol Myers and United Health care.

Mutt said...

Oh, go away Dan.

Dan,Lauren,Abby and Connor said...

Sorry mutt did I upset you?

CT Bob said...

I saw absolutely nothing in Dan's comment to justify your disdain, Mutt. Care to elaborate; or is it something personal between you and Dan?