Friday, July 10, 2009

Peter Schiff almost, nearly, sorta announces Senate run

Peter Schiff, economist, author and stock broker, recently made a Youtube video from his Las Vegas suite at Freedom Fest (don't ask) in which he discusses the Minimum Wage law (he apparently doesn't like it much).

Schiff also talks about his likely-soon-to-be-announced Senate bid against Chris Dodd. Basically, he just stops short of committing in this excerpt below.

BTW, that weird jumpy edit right when he begins to discuss his run was from his original video (link above):

This may be the most interesting quote from the video (and by "interesting", I mean "horrific"):
"...I'm not promising anything specific if I win other than freedom from government. Other than going to government to put a stop to everything they're doing and to try to restore sanity to an insane Congress and to try to be a roadblock." (emphasis mine, of course)
I can imagine this playing very well with the Teabaggers and the Paulites (I specifically avoided calling them "Paultards" because that really seems to make them apoplectic with rage, and I'm in a good mood this morning, so I'll try to be nice.)

I'd love to interview this guy. If his soon-to-be campaign staff sees this, please email me and we'll set it up.

I'm so sure that he'll run I'm gonna put my own money up to prove it! I hereby offer to bet the first comment respondent a sum of $7.25 (which happens to be the Department of Labor's Minimum Wage as of July 24, 2009) that Mr. Schiff will announce his candidacy by Labor Day, 2009 (Labor Day, get it?)

Mr. Schiff's pre-exploratory website is (and that's possibly the very first URL I've typed that has three "f's" in a row).


West Haven Bob said...

Let the games begin....

Anonymous said...

O.K. I didn't ask about Freedom Fest, but I paid a visit to their web site (and now feel the need to take another shower).

Jeepers, how slick! They even have an awesomely nifty "theme song" called "Freedom and Gold" that you, too, can download and "enjoy."

In song, our brave Freedom Festers promise "the Lord" they will fight the "Red Devil" of taxation and "fight for the right to live as [they] please," while they "raise their glass ever to Freedom and Gold."

Makes me nostalgic for the good-ol' pre-internet days, when I could pretend people like this didn't exist.

Having been subjected to this Schiff idiot, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on another uplifting Stormy Daniels post as compensation for the emotional distress you've inflicted upon me! :) Hope you have one in the works!

Lance M. Deep

Anonymous said...

It's looks like Mr. Deep's middle name is "Maybenotso." Try debating ideas rather than reveling in your smug support of the regime.

You're the kind of people that say "I was just following orders" at the war crimes trial, even though you know you were on a power trip with Dear Leader the whole time.

(An no, I'm not an disgruntled former Bushie. I'm a disgruntled independent who is sick of snarky partisan commentary by archiphiles -- people who fetishize government.)

CT Bob said...

"Maybenotso"! LOL!

Jeez, and then you jump right into the war crimes scenario! That's a real stretch from making a snarky comment on a blog.

"I don't know what happened...I was just writing a sarcastic reply to a post, and the next thing I knew, me and 60,000 of my pals marched into Poland!"

Anonymous said...

No, today the "M" stands for "Must-try-to-ignore-the-Paulites."

Just out of curiousity, though, how would one begin to debate the "idea" that taxation, rather than being a rational means to raise revenue for police, fire departments, roads, schools, the military, etc., is a "Red Devil" that "the Lord" has instructed us to "fight."

Lance "Must-try-to-ignore-the-Paulites" Deep

oldswede said...

Peter Shiff is following his father's teachings. To understand Peter, look up Irving.
In Irving's own words:
Makes RoPaul look like a moderate.

West Haven Bob said...

Incidently, "archiphile" isn't an (English Language) word; it's the screen name of someone deep into cowboy boots and cooking.

A lover of the government is called a "cratiphile".

Hmmm.....think someone's Babelfish let them down????

West Haven Bob said...

P.S. The games began.....

Anonymous said...

"Incidently, "archiphile" isn't an (English Language) word; it's the screen name of someone deep into cowboy boots and cooking."

Good catch, West Haven Bob. I would've guessed an "archiphile" was someone with a complete set of all the old "Archie's" comic books.