Friday, July 17, 2009

FIC weighs in on tolerance

The Family Institute of Connecticut, a PAC supposedly representing the interests of families, reinforced their total lack of tolerance for the families of gay, lesbian, bisexual and the transgendered with a lawsuit designed to force the state Department of Children and Families to remove from its website links to "open and affirming" churches.

From the Hartford Courant:
The Family Institute of Connecticut said such links clearly violate both the First Amendment and parental rights and had asked for them to be removed. The group, represented by the American Center for Law and Justice, a nonprofit law firm founded by evangelist Pat Robertson and specializing in constitutional law, threatened to sue.
The DCF complied with the request and removed the link.

Apparently this means that ANY links to churches or religious organizations, on ANY government website, for ANY reason whatsoever, is a clear violation of the First Amendment, and as such needs to be removed immediately, or face a potential lawsuit.

Hmmm...I wonder if anyone out there knows of any links like that?

We wouldn't want the government to offend anyone now, would we?

ADDITION: Genghis Conn (I suspect that's not his real name) over at Connecticut Local Politics has posted a link to this list of LGBT-accepting churches and religious groups, compiled by Love Makes a Family


tessa said...

Good for Genghis!

Anonymous said...

not often you hear "Good for Genghis!"

CT Bob said...

No, historically you only heard that name in a sentence that went something like this:

"Ahhhh...Oh no! Here comes Genghis! We'll all be slaugtered! Ahhhhhh!"

Thank you Genghis Conn, for reclaiming the name "Genghis" for the good and decent people of our fair state.