Monday, July 06, 2009

Sh*t always happens when I'm on vacation!

It never fails.

There's always something big going on when I'm off sailing. Here's a look back at some of my past vacations:


2006: Joe Lieberman foresees he'll be toast in the upcoming senate primary against Ned Lamont, so he forms his very own political party (the Connecticut For Lieberman party) so he can hang on to his cushy seat for another term. I was on my boat in Port Jefferson harbor and heard the news via Jane Hamsher.

Then I turned off my phone and continued grilling our swordfish steaks while the sun set.


2007: Pres. Bush commutes Scooter Libby's sentence, but doesn't pardon him, which would have then made it so he would have had to testify before Congress if called. A brutally cynical move that would have upset me a lot more if we weren't having so much fun in Northport.


2008: Joe Lieberman has been campaigning for McCain like a rat in heat; and while doing so he was loudly heckled at one appearance, according to CBS Radio. My frustration at not being able to blog about it nearly ruined my enjoyment of our secluded anchorage at Eaton's Neck.

But not quite.

Not even close, actually. The water and sky were both so blue that it looked more like the Caribbean than Long Island Sound!

...and here it is, the sh*t that happened this year...

2009: Sarah frickin' Palin

Big news, to be sure; and ripe for much blogitorial mocking.

...but just look at that awesome sky below!

Is it any wonder why I decide to spend so much time on the water?

Besides, Kirby filled in for me this week, and she did a terrific job! Thank you so much, Kirby!

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