Monday, July 06, 2009

Dr. John Orman (1949-2009)

Very sad news today.

Dr. John Orman, professor of politics at Fairfield University, and first registered member and organizing chairman of the Connecticut For Lieberman party, passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of 60.

I'm going to search through my archives for video and photos that will help tell the story of this witty and gentle man.

He will be dearly missed.

(Video below from the post-election organizing rally for the CFL party, January 18, 2007)

And in the photo below (from early 2006) there's several blogger-types you might recognize, when we created this visual nod to Dr. Orman for being one of the first Democrats to actively challenge Joe Lieberman for his senate seat.


kwhitehead said...

I am seriosuly shocked and saddened by this news. John was a friedn of the family and an all around inspiring person.

He was at my wedding, I saw Dylan with him. I made fun of Joe Lieberman with him.

Words cannot convey my sadness.

Anonymous said...

How can you describe John..........He was a great father to Natalie, Katie and Nick. Wonderful husband to Reenie. Mentor to many students over the years. Good basketball and baseball coach. One of the nicest, funniest, most loyal, people there was. Loved rock and roll and politics. Even though he drove to fast...we had many adventures on trips with the famliy. Loved his sweet tea along with Mike who liked his unsweet. Our last trip to Hawaii was the best. John you will be missed so much....we were blessed in knowing you these last 14 years. Love The Armstrong Family.

West Haven Bob said...

Very nice piece on WNPR tonight

Anonymous said...

John was a gentleman and a scholar. Always kind, cognizant and mindful of others, his generosity and dedication to teaching was - and is - and inspiration to all of us. John's smile, so radiant and authentic, came easy and often. I had the good fortune to know him, and his lovely family, and am grateful for the times we shared, however briefly, even though our political viewpoints were quite polar opposite! I know John is with his Maker in Heaven.