Saturday, July 11, 2009

Malloy, Bysiewicz in close money race

The two Democratic frontrunners in their bid for governor are very close in money raised by the end of the 2nd quarter, the Hartford Courant reports.
The two Democratic front-runners for governor — Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy — are locked in a tight campaign money race.

Malloy, the longest-serving mayor in Stamford history, eked out the fundraising lead in the second quarter with slightly more than $144,000, compared with more than $141,000 for Bysiewicz. Overall, Malloy has raised more than $272,000, placing him ahead of Bysiewicz, who has raised $239,000.
The fund raising number for the third Democrat in the race, Jim Amann, weren't available by press time, but a spokesman for the campaign recently assured us that they are in good financial shape.

Governor Rell has raised $90,000 so far, and has $70K on hand. But of course, she isn't being faced with a primary challenge yet, so there isn't the urgency that the Democrats are dealing with.

Gubernatorial Candidate's Websites:

  • James Amann

  • Susan Bysiewicz

  • Dan Malloy

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    With Jodi packing a popularity rating north of 70% and never falling below 65 *ever*; just what is the point?

    The voters will suddenly bolt and instead choose....

    A guy with demonstrably terribly misplaced priorities;

    Or a woman that under the microscope of a gubernatorial race will surely sooner or later reveal her true personality?

    Once she "goes off" on camera just once it should doom her politically even from re-election to her current office.

    I suppose you could drag Curry back into a race...........

    CT Bob said...

    I'm not saying that it ISN'T a long shot at this point, but a lot can happen in the next 16 months.

    Remember how HW Bush's popularity was at about 80% right after the first Gulf War, and just a year or so later, Bill Clinton stomped him but good.

    Maybe if Jodi Rell decides to invade Rhode Island but then fails to march into Providence and depose the governor, her popularity will suffer somewhat!

    Hey, I agreed that it was a long shot!

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    >>Remember how HW Bush's popularity...

    Actually I remember how a jug eared little Texan screwed up the election but good, letting Clinton "win" with 43% of the vote.

    CT Bob said...

    You've got Ross Perot; we've got a rumple-suited, cranky muck-raker named Ralph Nader.

    Who allowed another jug-eared little Texas to win the election with less votes than our guy.

    Shit does indeed happen, doesn't it?

    Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

    >>Maybe if Jodi Rell decides to invade Rhode Island..

    Maybe after we take back Congamond Lake from Mass.

    West Haven Bob said...


    Are you saying BUSH won the election in 2000?

    CT Bob said...

    Good point.