Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jim Himes addresses financial regulation

While the world is watching the Sotomayor confirmation hearings over in the Senate, there's other important stuff going on. The business of government is, of course, business.

Yesterday, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) addressed the House in support of getting working regulation in place to help reform the financial services sector.

Since you probably missed it (I know I did), here's a little video of Rep. Himes addressing the House:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for focusing on this. It's encouraging to hear Congressman Himes speak in favor of smarter regulation of the financial services industry. I'll have to explore his web site for more of the details.

He seems like a big improvement over Shays (or any other Republican, for that matter). I'm always concerned, however, when I hear that someone wants to preserve "innovation" in the financial (or insurance) markets. For at least the past thirty years, "innovation" in these markets has meant finding newer, easier, quicker ways for a relatively small handful of parasitic sociopaths to drain the savings, investment and retirement accounts of the middle class.

CT Bob said...

"...parasitic sociopaths..."

That was the name of my punk band back in high school.

West Haven Bob said...

That was my ex-Mother-in-law's pet name for me.

Anonymous said...

Unlike Wall Street parasitic sociopaths, a punk band called The Parasitic Sociopaths would be earning an honest living.

I hope you're considering a comeback tour, or at least a couple of quick and dirty gigs in Vegas.

Unknown said...

First: We have the best congress money can buy... and Second: I remember reading about the money the financial sector lobby spent over 10 years getting it repealed, but we need the Glass-Stegall Act re-instated with a little modernization. It worked for so many years.
Speaking of parasites in the financial sector.... and I risk being obnoxious in going off-topic, but I've been looking for CT based blogs to test the water, spread the word a little about how some people (right now in CT) can get relief from a financial crisis if they got a "predatory loan" for a mortgage.

There's a good deal of background on to help people figure out if that's what they have.

I'd appreciate your letting this post live...

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something. Didn't Himes come from the same Wall Street gang that got us into this mess in the first place? 12 years with a major firm and rises to VP. Were there large bonuses, and an outrageous salary? he's in his forties and retired. Now he's telling us what we need to do to stop greedy Wall Street types from stealing our money. Kind of like asking a burglar where to hide our valuables.