Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Lieberman Challenge 2012

Imagine my surprise when I was listening to Anderson Cooper 360 last evening and heard this...

ERICA: Al Franken will be sworn in as senator from Minnesota tomorrow. The "Saturday Night Live" alum arriving on Capitol Hill today, where he promised to work day and night. Franken defeated Republican Norm Coleman after an eight-month recount battle.

And it looks like Alec Baldwin may want to follow in Franken's footsteps, the actor telling "Playboy" magazine that he's seriously considering running for Congress. But he did acknowledge his opponents would have plenty of fodder to use against him.

At one point -- he's a native New Yorker, Anderson -- said he wouldn't mind moving to Connecticut to run against Joe Lieberman, but that probably won't ever happen, he said.

COOPER: We'll see, Erica.
We'll see, indeed. Boys -- be sure and go get the issue of Playboy so you can check this out, and report back.


CT Bob said...

Sorry, I only read Playboy for the pictures!

Kirby said...

That's reading?

CT Bob said...

Wait...are you saying there's words in there?

Anonymous said...

My guess is Lieberman won't run again. I think the only reason he wanted this term was to use it as a springboard to the vice presidency or a high level cabinet position which, he hoped, would eventually carry him on to the presidency.

That LieberDream died with the selection of Sarah Palin and the defeat of John McCain. I suspect Lieberman will retire at the end of his term in order to spend his remaining years cashing in as a lobbyist and defense contractor board member.

Don't be afraid to pick up your own copy of Playboy, Kirby. Just tell the clerk you're picking it up for your poor, unfortunate husband who's recovering in the hospital and needs cheering up.

West Haven Bob said...


I fear you're wrong about the "Lieber Man" running again.

First of all, our state Demo party leadership rolled over and played dead when he won over Lamont (not that they ever really wanted Ned to win).

Second, both the national & the state Dem leadership have fallen over themselves to avoid offending the Independent from CT...this despite the fact that he's been a loose grenade since 2006(at least a loose cannon can only roll over you).

The smartest political move the Dem leadership could do is TOSS HIS SORRY ASS OUT OF THE SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS! For one, the Dem's wouldn't have the putative "supermajority" (we're not slavish followers like the Repugs). For another, it removes the "It's all the democrat's fault cuz they control the Congress" excuse the Repugs are now trying to float.

Better to work to create a REAL supermajority in 2010.