Friday, July 31, 2009

Godspeed, Chris

Senator Chris Dodd has announced he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is imminently treatable and should not interfere with his ability to represent us in the Senate and lead the fight on health care reform after the August recess. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

And, gentlemen, here is info on this very treatable cancer. Talk to your doctor -- early detection is key to a cure.

CTBob here: I'm adding to Kirby's post to say that it's very important to get the exam during your regular checkups, especially for the over-40s in the crowd. It ain't a hell of a lot of fun, but the way I look at it, neither is cancer.

Me, I just turned fifty, so in addition to the yearly prostate exams, I'm also scheduled for my very first colonoscopy in September. (My doctor wanted to do it in June, but I told him I wanted to have something to look forward to all summer. LOL!)


Kirby said...

Hey, the colonoscopy ain't half bad -- propofol in the right hands doesn't kill you -- it's the prep that sucks. Mr. Kirby is having his fun in a couple of weeks. Mine wasn't as bad as I anticipated last year.

West Haven Bob said...

Sadly, I had to pay for mine (no health benefits)...while I was pleased by the results, I left feeling somewhat, um, "raw" regarding the expense vs. the experience.

Need any over-50 male say more in defense of universal health care?