Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog For Choice Day

Tessa Marquis over at My Left Nutmeg wrote an article about this important issue. In many fundamentalist societies, the rights of women are often the first to be eliminated.

As our country seems to be swinging toward the ultra-conservative fringe, we need to protect the rights of women to safe and legal choice. The 2010 election will not only be a referendum on health care policy, but it will also be an opportunity for right-wing religious zealots to grab control of Congress and pass draconian laws suppressing the rights of women.

Take a moment to read the article, and then do something!


Paul said...

I'm convinced that the only thing that can transform the planet and ultimately save it in this century is a world wide victory in the fight for women's rights. Ever other issue comes second in it's importance and transformative power.

JTHM said...

"As our country seems to be swinging toward the ultra-conservative fringe, we need to protect the rights of women to safe and legal choice."

Oh please, I've hearing these same old horror stories for over 30 years. Not once, not once, has any move against Roe-V-Wade ever gained more than passing qwip, or quote and never a serious challange ever to be made.

Inertestingly, the same people demanding more rights to abortion and Womens rights are silent when it comes Islamic fundamentalism or conservative women who are savaged and maligned in the press in blatent sexist tirades in the MSM.

Save it for it for something that really bothers you....this entry by the Leftnuts and you "Bob" are without merit and frankly just a opposite example of the same thing you accuse the right of doing.....Fear mongering.

BTW, I'm not "Pro" anything, I believe it's an alternative that should be used sparingly at best, but certainly something that should not be used friviously or denied out right or repealed.

mccommas said...

What happens to the women is NOTHING compared to what happens to the babies

-- and if it matters to you, roughly half of them are girls.

One thing I wonder about is why don't these feminists speak up against forced abortions in China? As George Will says, the silence is deafening.

They say they are for choice but when abortions are forced on women as late as 9 months they suddenly have nothing to say.

Kathleen Parker (not a favorate of mine but..) has a good op-ed about China's policy (China's Choice) which the Norwich Bulletin curiously did not run (hummm...).

I wrote a really long reply to this. Turns out it was to long. If you want to read it, you can do so at my blog.

The short version is this: I used top be pro-choice but I changed my mind. My heart grew.

CT Bob said...

This is quite simple. A woman's body belongs only to her. Only SHE can decide what is best for her. Until YOU can get pregnant Mr. Compassion, you shouldn't dictate what women are allowed to decide.

China is awful. Nobody is comparing China's forced abortions to our policy of choice. Except for you. Get real.

And since we both know China is so bad, how come none of you Republicans are criticizing Peter Schiff for his well-known preference for investing in China rather than the USA?

JTHM said...

Why I should I tell Schiff what to do with his money?

And what the hell does that have to do with stupid premise that Abortion is under attack more today than it was under every past administration since it's inception?

Sheeze Bob, lay off the cheap swill your obviously consuming.

CT Bob said...

McC brought up China, as if we'd adopt their practices. So I mentioned how Schiff is happy to enrich that terrible nation with it's forced abortion policy you don't like. So that makes him complicit.

I've detested China's policies since the Cultural Revolution. I won't invest a nickel in that terrible nation. I only wish we'd enact stronger tariffs on their shoddy, sometimes lethal goods.

And my swill of choice is quite pricey, thank you very much!

mccommas said...

What goes on in some of these abortion clinics is just as bad as what they do in China and almost exactly what Hitler did to the Jews.

The only difference is the children we are killing in abortions don't make noise. They don't beg for their lives and they don't leave clothing behind.

I think some of the abortion cheerleaders need to remember that they were once little too.

Every life is special. Even the unexpected ones.