Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help keep Massachusetts blue!

Watch the video below, then go over to My Left Nutmeg and read the "call to action" to to help Martha Coakley win Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts. The Special Election is Tuesday, January 19th - the day after Martin Luther King Day.

I like how they refer to the teabaggers as "the same extremist group that backs Sarah Palin." It's great to see both them AND Palin accurately described as "extremists".

This is the meme that the Democrats absolutely need to push in 2010. No more allowing them to get away with claiming that their corporate-sponsored so-called "grassroots" movement attracts anyone but extremists.


JTHM said...
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CT Bob said...

Take a chill pill, dude. I don't refer to women as "whores" or "bitches" on my blog. You don't either.

JTHM said...

Right, but you'll support the sad excuse of a "woman" that helped keep an innocent man in prison for political expedience and then kept a Child rapist OUT of prison because the family was a big campaign supporter.

Yeah Bob you're real stand up guy.

CT Bob said...

Just drop the misogyny and you're completely welcome to express your opinion. I usually allow a lot of leeway posting here. If that's how you want to refer to women, ANY woman, you can do it on your own blog.

BTW, I never identified you as the one who posted that comment; you just did.