Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy MMX

I forgot to post this on New Year's Day. Remember the old Pentium MMX processor? I used an MMX-based PC for years, running Win95 with 64MB of memory and an 800MB hard disk. That might not seem like much these days, but it blew away the older x86-based non-Pentium PCs. It worked just fine with my US Robotics 56K modem!

I just think it's neat that an old Intel processor works perfectly to usher in the new year, what with the roman numerals MMX equaling 2010. I doubt that it was intentional; Microsoft didn't even anticipate Y2K, so I don't think they had the foresight to name an old processor for the 2nd decade of this century.

Next year is "7db" in hex, or "11111011011" in binary. Hopefully I'll come up with something suitable by then.


mccommas said...

Remember the old Pentium MMX processor?

No, can't say that I do.

You techies are funny. Maybe you can make a meaningful Christmas orniment out of it when its done doing whatver it is that those things do.

CT Bob said...

Hoo-boy, I remember the old Commodore Vic-20 computer I had! I even had the external data cassette drive, so I could save my little Basic routines that I used to least, I think it used Basic.

mccommas said...

I had a Commodore 64. Does that predate the vic 20?

I wrote a program to protect my "log" from my sisters. If they tried to get into it without a password there would be a loud siren (which I borrowed from a C-64 Monopoly game) and my log would self destruct so my most private thoughts would never be learned.

Clever eh?

Turns out though, they could not have cared less what my private thoughts were so they never tried. Not that wrote much anyway.....

I also remember something about sprites and ballons.

carterman said...

"It's All About The Pentiums" - "Weird Al" Yankovic