Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to screw an unscrewable pooch

1. Start with a solid Senate seat

2. Find a weak candidate

3. Lose complete control of the messaging

4. For good measure, call a legendary pitcher for your home team "...a Yankees fan!"

5. Run in a state that already has health care

Voila! The trick she is done!

If the Democratic Party insists on behaving like losers, they shouldn't be surprised when they lose. It's time for them to wake up, or they'll soon be relegated to the cheap seats in the Senate.


West Haven Bob said...

Some of these points could also be levied against the Lamont campaign on '06...especially losing control of the message.

Hubris is the required main ingredient to make a "loser salad".

It's a cautionary tale for "unbeatable" candidates such as Blumenthal.

JTHM said...

Hehe...what a great moment! The symbolism of Ted's seat now belonging to a Republican is so rich.

And now for everyones watching pleasure.... a whirling dervish of who to blame. She won the primary, she had the SEIU money, she had Kerry, Franks and the rest of the Limosine liberal Political machine behind her.
52% to 47%, Loss, 1st Repulican in 37 years, biggest upset in Senate history.
Suck it up wimps....heheh,... wait where did I hear that before LOL!
Now crawl back in bed and pull the covers over yer heads.

CT Bob said...

Heh heh heh...how did I know I'd be hearing from YOU this morning? LOL!

Yeah I gotta admit it, we got our asses handed to us on that one. I won't argue that this is a big win for you guys. We had the seat and we basically gave it away.

I'll tell you what, if this doesn't serve as a wake-up call to the Democrats, we'll totally get shellacked in November. I just hope to hell that somebody's listening!

lakezoarian said...

I was amazed at the level of hostility toward her when I was calling folks in the town phone book I was working from.

And as I was driving down I-93 into Boston I even saw: "Brown- the 41st vote!" written large in "finger" in the dirt on the back of a truck where one usually sees "wash me" or "WOW".

Oh, and many hand made brownie signs all over. Plus reports from Hyannis (with arrests) that the brownbaggers were ripping up and burning marsha ones.

Nopartisan said...

I would hope going forward that both parties will now LISTEN. In the space of 1 year the people have spoken loud and clear. Party affiliation means nothing to the majority of voters. Both Republicans and Democrats can attest to that.

Unknown said...

Well put, Bob. Not much more needs to be said. The DNC and the White House "political experts" should be lined up and shot, metaphorically speaking. They got rid of Howard Dean as soon as they could, and they've done bupkis since them politically. And it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Not wanting to ruffle any feminist feathers, but I think that it was a huge mistake to run a woman with a somewhat arrogant attitude at a time when angry white males (many struggling for work and looking for scapegoats) were looking for some reinforcement. The Republicans understand demographics well, and they tune their marketing - er, campaigning - to swoop in again and again to grab the white male vote and the "security mom" vote. The Democrats have had a whole year in Washington to build a case that they're for the average person and against the fat cats, and all they've done by and large is to look like clowns currying favor with the fat cats. Dumb. How much longer can Democrats put up with this?

JTHM said...

Nice to see Bob can be polite and contrite (rhymes...I get rhymes), I tip my hat.
The call to arms you express to get the point across that a kick in the pants is warranted is not foriegn to those of us on the opposite side....we've been there, hell we're still there.
Lakezorian, c'mon your cliche's are as tired and worn out as the day is long. Brown supporters had their signs torn up, gotten flipped off up and down I-93 so stop with the whining. I've seen more vandalism from Democrats over the years that it's not even funny.
"NON" hit the nail square, dismiss the the growing swell of opposition to the politics as usual at your own peril.

CT Bob said...

Thanks. I try to be fair (if not always diplomatic) and I can admit it when we've been licked.

The good thing about politics is there's ALWAYS another day.

Unknown said...

Yes, it's a whole new game today, so we play the game that is, not the one we'd like to have.

oldswede said...

It took zero time for Brown to become an embarrassment. At the end of his victory speech, he offered up his daughters as available, even though one is married. What a humiliation for his family. Videos have gone viral - Gross New Senator Offers Daughters to Public
Here's the print version - Ayla, Arianna Brown endure awkward moment at Scott Brown's Senate victory speech in Massachusetts

oldswede said...

Here's Glenn Beck himself - Beck rips Brown: ‘This one could end with a dead intern’

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

It was pure genius!

Even to most optimistic Republicans considered it a fantasy.

But thanks to very cooperative Democratic candidate, the impossible became a reality!

Thanks so much!

CT Bob said...

You're welcome, ACR. It was nothing, really.

(gee, simple gloating. I kinda expected something a little more....creative. You must be tired today)

West Haven Bob said...

Or hungover.

Nopartisan said...

Let the smearing begin, the left lose a seat they should have won, so what do they do? They try to turn a harmless joke into a big effing deal.

Old Swede the only thing sleazy about the joke is the lefts attempt to turn it into something other than what it is.

I guess you and the others who are party to this nonsense just don't get what Tuesday meant.

Voters are tired of the garbage that passes for political discourse, incompetence and arrogance.

Face it if attempting to smear Scott Brown is all the "netroots" has then their time and influence has come and gone, because Americans have tired of the personal attacks and exaggerations from both right and left "new media".

lakezoarian said...

Here's an interesting link I found. Seems the brownshirts (that was for you, JTHM) had a bit of help down on the Cape. There's only one daily newspaper there, the Cape Cod Times:


"Why I cancelled my Cape Cod Times subscription today"

"I just wanted to let you all know that today we cancelled our long-time subscription to the Cape Cod Times - due to their inability to cover the local news and their inability to report fairly on this upcoming Special and Crucial election.

I would request that you let everyone on your extensive email lists know

that not one word was printed about yesterday's Coakley rally in Hyannis in today's (MLK Day of Service) edition of the Cape Cod Times, and
to urge each and every person to cancel their subscriptions as well.
Writing letters to editor and/or ombudsman wouldn't hurt either - although I doubt they will print any of them, just as they chose to omit the letters in yesterday's and today's edition that most likely were in opposition to their endorsement of Mr. Brown.

The word I used Monday morning after searching for the article and pictures of yesterday's Coakley rally was "despicable"! No other word describes their editor's intentional actions.

Five Cape Cod State Representatives and the the President of the State Senate were at the rally which The Times ignored.

Thank you for spreading the word... and here's to Martha Coakley - may she win across the state, despite others' negative wishes!

Vote Democrats!"

Reminds me of the fretting about why the CT rags were so favorable to joe and not Ned back in '06.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>Or hungover.

Never happens; ask Bob.

I drink coffee, lots and lots of coffee, coffee all day and into the night, coffee ice cream, coffee yogurt, coffee flavored coffee, just coffee.

No booze, no beer, I will toast the bride and smile but that bubbly stuff tastes like vinegar.

Nopartisan said...

Yep, thats why coakley lost. A conspiracy in MA was responsible. clueless,clueless, clueless.

LISTEN to the voters who turned out in very high numbers for a special election. Independents are tired of crap for government, and of stupid political based personal attacks and imagined conspiracies.

Scott Brown was derided as a teabagger, yet look what happened, a conservative Republican the left tried to portray as one of the tea party loons WON IN MA. Not a lberal Republican but a CONSERVATIVE.

Once he gained in the polls the left used all the old tactics, some of the ads ran against him were misleading at best if not actual lies. The voters of MA saw through it and he won, because people see the train coming off the tracks and want real leadership.

Brown may well fail but the lesson is that because the country is in such horrid shape people are casting away old political mores and want and end to incompetence.

Think about it, MA elected someone that was portrayed as a right wing extremist as he closed in. Massachusetts not Texas.

West Haven Bob said...

"coffee yogurt..."

Yet another reason not to become a Republican!

(Hee, Hee! Peace out, ACR...and congrats!)

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I gotta say that ACR is a big time coffee drinker; all day, every day.

Funny he's not a "Tea"-totler, being a Republican and all!

Me, I enjoy a brewsky or two. And I firmly believe a fine 12-year or older single malt is an exquisite gift from the Almighty that I'd be particularly remiss not to partake of on special occasions.

(like Thursdays for instance)

CT Steve said...

My question:

Can the Democratic Party possibly be as ineffective with 59 votes as it was with 60??

lakezoarian said...

To nopartisan, etc:

A little History to ponder...

"The aim for which we were fighting the war was the loftiest, the most overpowering that man can conceive: it was the freedom and independence of our nation"
-Adolph Hitler, MEIN KAMPF Vol. 1, Ch. 6

The "Mass Miracle"...


West Haven Bob said...

To CT Steve -

It's quite possible that - lacking the putative supermajority - the Dems can be more effective. In fact, this may be what can salvage the midterms for them.

First of all, they can dump Joe the Bummer from the caucus, and let him slither across the aisle. Secondly, they can initiate whatever they choose, force the GOP to block it, and rightfully portray the Repubs as blocking up the system...which is all they've been doing for the past three years.

There's a lot of anger over this dysfunctional government...and we've got to show who causing it.

oldswede said...

I never said Brown's idiocy was sleazy. I said it humiliated his family. Look at the video. They are mortified.
Brown has no class.

CT Steve said...

West Haven Bob,

Good points!

Thus far, President Obama hasn't shown willingness to go to the mat against the Republicans over ANYthing - health care included. Will he find his courage now?

Let's hope that our President can heed the wisdom of his hero, MLK, who said, "A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus."