Saturday, January 30, 2010

Special Election in CT??? Yes!

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"What?" you say, "The Special Election was that MASSacre where the teabaggers elected one of their own to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat!"

But No. Now it's Connecticut's turn, so Wake up Connecticut!

There is a Special Election on March 2nd for State House of Representatives seat for the 120th District in Stratford!

This is the reverse-Teddy Kennedy seat on a local level. It was held for too many years by a Republican seat warmer. Now that this character is going to do nothing as Mayor of Stratford his seat is growing cold and there will be a special election. Take It Back!

Janice Andersen

Janice Andersen is the candidate. You may remember her from her valiant if not ultimately successful run for State Senate in 2008. [As an aside, if we had won that race we might not have to contend with Dibecella running against Jim Himes. Sorry, I digress...]
As a lifelong Democrat, I have stood up for these values. As a member of the Board of Education, I fought for fiscally responsible budgeting and greater transparency. As Deputy Director of a regional non-profit, I've worked day in and day out to create and support numerous youth development programs. I have a record of advocating for child and families both as a member of the Department of Children and Families State Advisory Council and past Co-Chair of Connecticut Children's Behavioral Health Advisory Council.
Here is our chance for pushback - let's prove that we are not smothered by the Massachusetts special Election. Let's get Janice Andersen elected March 2nd and let's not wait until a week before the election to get to work.

Volunteer to Walk Door-to-Door on behalf of Janice Andersen every weekend between now and March 1st. People in Stratford may not be aware of the Special Election, so come be a Paul or Paulette Revere and spread the word.

Make phone calls from the Stratford Headquarters on weeknights

(They have cookies there!)

Stuff envelopes - this is actually a lot of fun, sort of like a sewing bee for politically hopped up people. Some of this may be a daytime activity, so please consider that if you have free daytime hours but not evening hours.

Janice has already qualified for the Citizen's Election Program (aka Clean Elections). It took her 2 weeks. This means that people who know Janice are ready to support her immediately.

We can win this one!

There can never be too many volunteers.

Campaign Headquarters: 919 Stratford Ave, Suite 5, Stratford, CT

Phone Dave Mooney to volunteer: 203.645.2900

email to volunteer or otherwise communicate:



JTHM said...

Look you guys already have the Super majority, you guys own the mess we're in. The last thing we need is to pad the ranks with more of the same.

West Haven Bob said...


If the last administration has taught the voters anything, it's that Republicans have a problem with "fuzzy math". It's not your goes back to Ronald Reagan (as George H. W. Bush - Bush '41 to you guys - informed us back then.)

Use your toes as well as your fingers & thumbs -- Democrats have a 57-41 majority in the Senate, with 2 independents (supposedly) siding with them: for a (nominal at best) 59-41 majority in the Senate.

When I went to school, 59 was less than 60, the putative "super-majority". But maybe you guys changed that law as well.

Of course, you'll keep on saying this...after all, if you say it often enough, it must be true!

CT Bob said...

Uh, Bob, he was talking about the super majority in the State Assembly, not the US Senate.

However, if there's one lesson that the Democrats need to get through their heads, it's that a "super majority" won't get squat done if they don't have solid and dependable leadership.

Look at the current state budget process; if there was EVER an opportunity for a party with a super majority to lead and make a real difference, this is it. However, we seem to only be wallowing our way towards an expensive and long overdue solution.

This is gonna be a blown opportunity, and the voters will realize it. We're gonna get creamed in November, mark my words.

West Haven Bob said...

And we deserve to be creamed...unless we get our act together in the upcoming session.

(And the putative super-majority in the State Senate is as illusory as was the national one) Same-same issue.

oldswede said...

Just to be sure that everyone knows, this map of Stratford shows its three Connecticut House districts. The further north you go, the more Republican it seems to get.

CT Bob said...

OS, thanks for the map. I live in the 118th, but I can see the 120th from my house (much easier than Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house!)

OK, maybe I got to drive about 1/2 mile to see the 120th, but it's close enough that I'd like to see it be in Democratic hands.

oldswede said...

You can also see the 121th, home to salty Democrat and oysterman, Terry Backer.