Tuesday, October 14, 2008

118th For Lambert

Here's the new video by Barbara Lambert, the Milford alderman and candidate to replace Speaker Jim Amann upon his retirement at the end of this session.

Barbara has a wealth of experience and she's a very bright and capable woman. She's in a three-way race for the seat, against Republican Nancy Seltzer and Independent candidate Rocco Frank (affectionately known among my friends as "Lee Whitnum redux"), and all three will meet tonight (Wednesday) night at 7PM for a debate/town hall meeting at the VFW, 422 Naugatuck Ave, Milford.

It promises to be entertaining.

Visit Barbara's webpage at 118thForLambert.com.


CT Bob said...

A comment has been deleted because the anonymous person made slanderous and untrue allegations against the candidate.

On a personal note, I think the person who posted it is a coward, hiding behind the comfortable safety of anonymity. He/she is completely welcome to express their ugly and slanderous opinions on their own goddamn blog.

And the idea of wanting to have a constitutional convention simply to ram through a law that discriminates against a small segment of the population is pure bigotry and has no place in a democracy that represents ALL the people.

CT Bob said...

This is a public service announcement:

Please refrain from making untrue personal attacks on this blog. You are welcome to express your opinions if you are respectful, no matter how fucking stupid you probably are.

I'm Connecticut Bob, and I approve this message.