Wednesday, October 08, 2008

$300 for 3,000 Palin emails

Seems like a pretty good deal to me!

Maybe we can help this guy reach his goal and see him use his FOI request in the service of full disclosure. From The Petrelis Files:
I filed a public records request on Monday with Gov. Palin's office in Juneau for copies of already-released emails and her official calendar. If I were provided with the copies, I'd post everything on the web, so lots of eyes could examine the records. But I've run into a road block.

The governor's office requires a tad more than $300 in copying fees, before they'll share the files with me. A mere pittance for Wall Street executives, $300 is money I don't have. If anyone wants to pay that fee for me, I'd really appreciate the favor. Payment can be made through using my addy:

My next move is to contact sunshine advocates in Alaska and get their advice about requesting a fee waiver. I should also check to see if Ms. Fabrello can offer a solid commitment to copy and send Democracy and full transparency demand that every effort be made to read the emails and Palin's gubernatorial calendar.
Mike Petrelis emailed the governor's office, and received a reply from a representative that said in part:
"If you want the documents sent to you the way they are (paper) there will be a copy fee of $306.30 (3,063 pages at 10 cents a copy)."
I can't imagine it'll take more than a day for this guy to get the required funds, but I'll monitor the situation and post updates as available. And if you want to help the cause, consider sending him a Paypal donation to offset the costs.

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