Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Daily Show

Last night we had tickets to see the taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It was a fun time, and Tom Brokaw was the guest, which led to this article in The Raw Story.

Below is a photo of an actual reusable Daily Show Entry Pass, made from yellow copy paper laminated with clear plastic tape for ease of cleaning, apparently. Those guys over at Comedy Central have quite the budget.


Anonymous said...

Bob, glad you got to go. My cousin and I went in 2006. Lots of fun.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, it was really cool. We had great seats, and even enjoyed the warm-up comedian (Paul Mercurio). Afterwards we hit a nearby pub and grabbed a bite and a pint.

carterman said...

Awesome Bob The Blogger! Sorry, I can't help adding peoples titles to their name for some reason. Sorry, I digress. Actually I went to see Jon Stewart back in the day when he did the Jon Stewart Show on MTV. It was fun and have been wanting to go see him again.