Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday when I wrote about everyone fleeing the sinking ship of the GOP and endorsing Barack Obama for President, I neglected to make a suitable photoshop image.

Consider that exclusion resolved with this:


oldswede said...

Word of the McPain Mutiny is in the news. McC and the Alaska Queen are already fighting for the lifeboat.
She refused to go down with his ship.
Should be fun.

CT Bob said...

Who didn't see this coming? Palin threw a fit when McCain announced they were pulling out of Michigan. That was weeks ago! It's gonna be fun to watch.

bluegal said...

Can you imagine McSame dressed as a woman boarding the lifeboat? I'm lovin' every minute of it! Down they go....blub..blub..blub.

CT Bob said...

The photoshop possibilities are endless; all I need to do is put McCain's head on Giuliani's cross-dressing body!

While I like the imagery, I think McCain is one of those "go down with his ship" kind of skippers.

Everyone else in the GOP will be pulling dresses on over their heads and scurrying aboard the lifeboats like scared rats as they approach D-Day, but McCain will insist the ship is perfectly fine while seawater is sloshing around his feet.