Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frampton's Obama signs stolen

From the AP:
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Rocker Peter Frampton is wishing someone would show him the way to keep his Barack Obama yard signs from getting swiped.

The Grammy winner is complaining that signs showing his preference for the Democratic presidential candidate have been stolen repeatedly at his home in the upscale and predominantly Republican Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill.

Frampton, 58, is so angry, he called The Cincinnati Enquirer asking to be interviewed.

The British-born singer of "Show Me the Way" and other hits told the newspaper that one reason he became a U.S. citizen was so he could vote. Now, he says his American rights to free speech and political speech are being violated and it "bugs" him.

Frampton said he has installed a video camera to catch the thieves.
The question of who is stealing Frampton's sign is perplexing enough, but the bigger question is, how did THIS guy...

...turn into THIS guy?

It's always kind of shocking when these long-locked rockers age thirty or so years and either shave their heads or cut their hair waaay short. It's tragic, really. I mean, David Lee Roth is starting to look like Bella Abzug these days! Freaky.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh, he looks like Joe-You-Know-Who! J.C., Sr.

vagabondblogger said...

As someone born and raised in Cincinnati, I say, "Surprise!"

Omg, he had his yard signs stolen! Guess he's never been to, seen, or heard about the yearly KKK rally down on Fountain Square; Guess he didn't know that a Cincinnati doctor (Wilke) started The Right To Life organization; Guess he didn't know that 18 young black males were shot by the police within a few years of each other; Guess he forgot about how a museum director was arrested and jailed for putting on the Mapplethorpe exhibit; Guess he's been living in a nice "residential only" (it's the law) suburb of probably The Most Conservative City in the USA!

Cincinnati is Palin's base. The Cincinnati Enquirer just endorsed McCain - count them on that one hand with the rest of the McCain endorsing rags.

Who is he trying to kid?

Cincinnati is so ass backwards, when it comes to politics... I can't go on. (This brings back too many evil memories!)

CT Bob said...

J.C. - OMG, you're RIGHT! It's "Joe the Aging Rocker!" LOL!

V.B. - Yeah, Cincy isn't exactly known as a progressive area. But go easy on the guy...he's from England you know.

sellitman said...

Google Sophia Loren if you want to totally freak out. Men age much better than women and the dinosaurs aged better than Sophia Loren.