Saturday, October 18, 2008

That didn't take very long

It took less than ten days for my "McCain't" bumper sticker to be vandalized. And probably during five of those days, my car didn't leave the driveway.

Today my wife and I took a bike hike up the Farmington Canal trail with friends. We left the car parked "nose in" at a lot in Hamden, so anyone in the parking area could see the McCain't sticker on the back window.

After about four hours of exploring the trail and having a picnic lunch, we got back to the car and as I opened the liftgate, I noticed someone took a Sharpie and carefully blacked-out the apostrophe and the "T", making it a slightly left-of-center (irony alert!) run of the mill "McCain" bumper sticker. (The original photo is in the inset, also the article about it is HERE)

Notice how they took the Sharpie and made a real effort to black out every bit of the characters. I guess I should be glad they didn't go beyond that, like keying the car (as someone did to CTLP commenter McCommas, allegedly for showing a "NOBama" sticker), but they probably felt pity for me driving a 1994 Cavalier Wagon.

Funny thing is, we just happened to see a play last night where a minor plot point rested on the fact that a mild soap solution supposedly takes out felt-tipped pen marks. So when we got home today, I gave the vinyl sticker a couple spritzes of Fantastic and lightly scrubbed with a paper towel, and voila! Almost as good as new!

It did lighten up the background slightly, but I'll let it display the scars proudly, as a tangible symbol of our never ending struggle against the forces of tyranny and oppression.

Or, more likely, because I'm too goddamn lazy to get another one!


Gabe said...

Is any one else desperate to know what play that was?

CT Bob said...

Probably not Gabe, but I'll tell you anyway.

It's a local production of "Art", a one-act play at the Eastbound Theater in Milford last Friday. The premise is about a guy who purchases a painting that is basically a canvas covered with white paint for $200K. His friends are annoyed and enraged at his purchase because they don't understand modern art. In the penultimate scene, the owner of the painting dares his friend to deface it with a felt-tipped pen. Which he does. But then, in the final bit, the painting appears unmarked, and the owner explains that he knew that a mild soap solution will get out the ink of a felt-tipped pen, which is why he invited his friend to make up the painting. By doing that, his rage was exhausted and they all ended up admiring the painting and being good friends again.

So, that's how I knew how to get out the Sharpie marks.

I can't deny that the coincidence seems uncanny. Karma is a powerful force.

Anonymous said...

Blankenblogger reporting for duty sir!


McCain for president thats the way Bobo. You that T you added was for Time, becuase its about time we voted McCain. Its about country, not politics, and Joe Liberman is tired of the country first ground.

Very truly yours, Kiss Kiss Bobo

Eric Blankenbaker

CT Bob said...

Dude, you really should stop smoking the meth. You're embarrassing yourself.