Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin doesn't know how to quit MI

In a surprising break with McCain campaign strategy, VP candidate Sarah Palin, fresh from her coquettish winkin' and aw-shuckin' doggone debate with Joe Biden, spoke to FOX News (who else?) about her wishes to continue the fight for Michigan. This is the day AFTER the McCain campaign announced they conceded the state to Barack Obama and were pulling all their resources out of Michigan to work in other battleground states like Florida and Ohio.

BTW, did anyone besides me feel grotesquely uncomfortable by the VP candidate repeatedly winking at the cameras? It just felt...weird. And I guess Palin's educational cutbacks in Alaska led to them dropping the letter "g" from any word ending with it.

Now that's some plain-talkin' fiscal responsibility they're showin' there!


Bob Symmes said...

Not to mention the possibility of four more years of "NEW-clue-yer"

Bob Symmes said...

She "fired off an e-mail"? To WHOM?

CT Bob said...

I think she was saying she fired off an angry email to McCain himself!

But the joke's on her; John McCain doesn't even know HOW to work email!

CT Bob said...

And the "nu-cu-lar" thing really floors me. She's actually TRYING to sound like a dumb hick so she can get their votes. The fact that the GOP considers the "dumb hick vote" a substantial voting block kind of worries me!

Anonymous said...

As a woman, it kind of pissed me off that no one held her accountable to answering a freaking question. I mean seriously, I work in a pretty much all male world, if I don't meet standards EVERYONE points it our. It's the prejudice of low expectations and I thought the Repugs weren't going to stand for it.
It's just another pretty face the old boys can control and will allow to sit at the table, as long as she agreeable, quiet and, oh yeah, f&&kable.
Sorry, she pisses me off.

CT Bob said...

But, didn't you find her cute little winks just the most precious thing? LOL!

Yeah, it's gotta be frustrating to think that Sarah Palin is even being considered for the job of VP, when there are so many women who are much more capable and yes, electable.

And don't worry UptowNYChick, I let people use grown-up words like "fuckable" on my blog, as long as the context supports it.

And speaking of NY, I was in Manhattan today, doing some work up on 85th St. I gotta say, I love the NYC subway system. For all everyone's bitching about it, it's always been convenient, safe, and fast. Plus, I love the quaint street performers who do stupid things like crack their heads on the ceiling of the car while they do backflips! (yes, it happened right in front of me today)

Next time, I'll be sure to shoot video with my digital camera and I'll probably win $400 from!