Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stolen Obama signs

My Obama lawn sign disappeared last night. Take a look at these before and after photos. This first photo was taken last week:

And this morning:

Doesn't that look kind of empty?

It's interesting that whoever took the Obama sign didn't touch my other Democratic signs. They had to make a conscious effort to go onto my lawn and steal it, since the others are mostly within reach of the sidewalk.

It wasn't vandalized like my "McCain't" bumper sticker; it was stolen, wire frame and all. However, I did put clear tape at the bottom "open" end of the sign to prevent it from being blown off, so the thief may have tried to remove it at first and found the wire frame was stuck on it, so he (or she...Ashley Todd, was that you?) just uprooted everything and took it.

Now, it's entirely possible that the sign was taken by an Obama supporter who simply wanted a sign for their front lawn. The signs are very difficult to get in Connecticut since Obama has a commanding lead here and the campaign is concentrating on the swing states. You can order Obama signs for (I think) an $8 contribution, so that means the sign on my lawn was valuable. It conceivably could have been a collector.

So rather than worry about replacing the sign, which might just as easily get stolen again, which would annoy me and probably lead to my spending many chilly hours late at night hidden on my front porch with a Louisville slugger and an evil glint in my eye, I decided to fight back with the tools I have at hand. Bumper stickers.

Barbara's a team player. I'm sure she won't mind. And I decided to add to my already populated rear car window with an Obama sticker and a Jim Himes sticker thrown in for good measure, even though I live in the 3rd CD. Hey, I drive in the Fourth quite a bit, too.

This kind of theft is happening all over the country. Here's one of the many Youtube videos that show these sad, pathetic, horrible people getting caught by hidden camera while stealing Obama signs. Disgusting.

And finally, the photo below shows just how much "The Hopefulness of Obama" means to this racist Chris Shays supporter.

I really look forward to this election being over, so we can start working together to unite this divided nation. Because this sort of disgusting display is an indication of the toxic legacy of George W. Bush and the hateful Republican leadership.


Anonymous said...

In Bridgeport we have racist people from outside of bridgeport who are coming into the city steal Obama signs

Bob Symmes said...

I made my own OBAMA/BIDEN signs.

On my (miniscule) front lawn, I have only the Obama & a Rosa sign. The Rosa sign has lasted undisturbed; I'm now on my 10th Obama sign. Some have been taken - I'd like to think these were taken by people who wanted to use them on their properties -- but two were defaced with obscenities (the "nicest" was "F*** the N******").

This tells me:

(a) there's still people stuck in the 1940's and

(b) the 'thugs are running scared.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys , it cuts both ways. Both sides have had their signs stolen or vandalized.

Sue said...

How to protect your lawn signs.

CT Bob said...

Sue, that's an awesome diary! If I was gonna bother with another sign, I'd definitely do the alarm thingy.

As it stands, Obama has already won Connecticut. I'm focusing on the under ticket candidates, including Jim Himes. At this point, that's the next most important check mark on the ballot. I live in the 3rd, and Rosa is in, along with Murphy, Larson, and Courtney. Jim is the guy who needs a little help.

kwhitehaed said...

FYI. I live on West Main Street. Our Obama sign was filched as well. Luckily, we had a back-up (which was still there when I left the house this morning.)

CT Bob said...

Good luck!

I was at the Democratic HQ tonight, and someone was saying how their relative takes their Obama sign in every night and puts it back up in the morning. So far they haven't lost it, so it might be a simple solution.

I passed on getting another sign. I didn't want to be faced with the unpleasant task of having to bury some thieving idiot's corpse in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

Stealing political signs, for no matter who, is anti-American!