Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shays sliding in polls; Himes trending up, a compilation website, shows that 4th CD Rep. Chris Shays (R) is dropping in the polls, while challenger Jim Himes (D) is making significant gains as we approach the final stretch into the election.

Recent polls from Pollster's CT section indicates the formerly popular incumbent hasn't performed above 50% since mid-August. Himes, on the other hand, made steady gains and is currently tied or slightly ahead of Shays. This is a critical point in the campaign, because the significant Obama lead in Connecticut will almost certainly give Himes something of a boost. But people need to vote for this to happen.

The Himes campaign needs to focus heavily upon GOTV (Get Out The Vote) during these last days. If you have any time at all between now and Nov. 4th, even just a few hours on a weeknight or a Saturday, please contact HimesForCongress to volunteer for phone banking or canvassing. It's fun and it will make a difference.

The Pollster data is here:

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