Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say hello to the "Hate Talk Express"

The racist side of GOP politics is raising its ugly head, as evidenced by the video below.

Is anyone really surprised that the GOP would play the "hate card" if they couldn't win on the issues?

Sarah Palin is completely revolting when she speaks to the assembled crowds with her sly little Eva Braun smile as she amplifies and spreads the lies about Obama and gives tacit approval to the hate mongering at her rallies. It makes me sick to know that a person who might be our Vice President feels no regret at all for her remarks.

But the absolute blame for this disgusting ongoing spectacle rests solely on the shoulders of John Sidney McCain. McCain has the ultimate responsibility for the tone and conduct of his own campaign, and with a strongly-worded statement he can put an end to this awful rhetoric that seems to be getting worse at every single McCain or Palin appearance.

Of course, the man who has shamelessly betrayed every single one of his deeply held beliefs in his quest for the White House won't try to stop it. McCain's already burned every bridge that he crossed to get where he is today. In his twisted little mind, there's nothing to be gained by acting like a responsible human being now.

Three more weeks.


Anonymous said...

I liked them better when they wore white sheets.

CT Bob said...

I had an idea like that for a photoshopped image, but I decided against it. We'll see how things go this week before I pull out the heavy artillery.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch your video because my computer is just like me. It's old. It's slow and sometimes cranky. When he takes the mike away from one of these radicals and mumbles "We don't condone that", his partner is down the road working the crowd on just that rhetoric. C'mon Mr. Mcgood guy. You brought her to the party.-J.C., Sr.

CT Bob said...

Sadly, Sarah Palin is simply acting with the same lack of reasoning that the animal she so closely identifies with possesses, the pitbull.

A pitbull doesn't understand compassion or compromise, you can't talk a pitbull out of attacking you, and often the only way to assure a vicious pitbull isn't going to attack again is to put it down.

Hopefully after Nov. 4th, Ms. Palin's political career will realize a similar fate.

Stamford Talk said...

I wish I could just say, "Some Americans are demented and racist," but the problem is that McCain/Palin are repeatedly connecting Obama's name with the word "terrorist," without explicitly saying (for the idiots in the audience who miss it) "Obama is not a terrorist."
It really, really sickens me, but it does not surprise me.
My opinion of Palin and McCain gets poorer every day, if that's possible.