Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chris Healy, Connecticut Idiot

I know it's not really a great year to be a Republican, but you have to be completely devoid of common sense to say the things that Chris Healy says on a nearly daily basis.

From a CT Post article about Obama's pro-Himes radio ad:
Chris Healy, Republican State Central Committee chairman, said he doubts that Obama's ad for Himes will move voters this late in the campaign.

"I'm always a little suspicious of more noise on the radio," Healy said in a phone interview.

"It's fine. So what?" Healy asked.
Yeah, it's just noise when Chris Shays tries to hitch his wagon to the Obama juggernaut in his mealy-mouthed ads. If the senator's endorsement means so little, why does Shays use the phrase "The hopefulness of Barack Obama" in his ads? Healy continues:
"Barack Obama talking about Jim Himes, whom I doubt he's ever met, it won't draw flies."
Uh, Chris, I hate to break it to you, but if you pull your head out of your butt long enough to look at Jim's website or catch his ads on TV, you might see this:

Oh well Chris, maybe you can photoshop your buddy Mr. Shays into the image where Jim Himes is standing right next to Barack Obama.

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