Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Like I said yesterday, somebody must has tattled on the Family Guy show and Rupert Murdick apparently suffered a conniption fit.

(BTW, does anyone actually use the phrase "conniption fit" anymore? It sounds like one of those olde-timey phrases that was popular during the days of buggy whips and mustard plaster poultices!)

Anyway, to modern it up a bit, ol' Rupert probably had a cow (great, now I'm up to the 1980s!) when he saw "Stewie-as-a-Nazi" wearing the McCain-Palin button.

Well, apparently FoxNews fucking freaked out (there, now THAT'S a modern phrase) about it, and they complained long and loudly to the Fox brass. From the NY Times Political Blog:
A Sunday night episode of the Fox animated series “Family Guy” stirred up trouble by suggesting­ rather directly that Nazi officers would have supported the McCain-Palin ticket. And it was another arm of the News Corp. conglomerate, Fox News Channel, that first reported on the episode.
Of course, Fox News is known world-wide for their remarkably fair and balanced coverage of the Presidential race. They were the first major news network to report on the alleged "terrorist fist jab" shared by Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. Only Fox News had the courage and conviction to report on the jihadist nature of the hand motion. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm grateful to Fox News for keeping me aware of the subversive gestures of the soon-to-be President-elect and First Lady-elect. Without Fox News, I'd be completely ignorant of their insurgent body language.

I'm glad they focus in the important issues.

And bravo to Seth MacFarlane for having the balls to tweak Rupert's nose a bit. Keep bringing in the bucks Seth, and you can do just about anything you want on Fox.

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Anonymous said...

Sure I remember what a coniption fit is. I almost had one when I heard Sara-Arab-Bara (Remember that gal on SNL?) calling Obama a socialist. After hearing her bragging about taking money from the big bad oil companies and distributing it equally to all her conmstituents up in Saudi Alaska.
J.C., Sr.