Saturday, October 04, 2008

T-minus one month

We're definitely into the final stretch of this election cycle. And with Obama increasing his lead in the polls over McCain, the GOP is ready to pull out all the stops in the hopes of catching up.

Which, for the party of Karl Rove, means going negative and then MORE negative. Today they're already at it, with the Alaskan moose executioner accusing Barack Obama of "palling around with a terrorist", which in this case is a thoroughly debunked alleged association with a founder of the radical Weather Underground, Bill Ayers.

The main theme of the next thirty days is going to be a constant stream of GOP-generated lies, half-truths, and smears directed at the Obama campaign. McCain and the GOP knows at this point they won't win on the issues, so they'll throw everything they can in the wild hope that something sticks. For reference, simply check out the 2004 Swift boat ads, or the 2000 South Carolina Republican primary. Them guys LOVE it in the mud!

It's gonna get ugly. Count on it.

The thing about those tactics is it has the potential to backfire on them. If Sarah Palin keeps making those kinds of statements, she's going to continue to lose the luster that she enjoyed post-convention, and to a much lesser extent, immediately post-debate. She'll possibly start losing her base, which has largely given McCain his post-convention bump.

But they're getting desperate. And knowing that John McCain has absolutely no compunction against betraying any deeply held belief if it will win him the White House, we'll likely witness what may someday be referred to as the "dirtiest month in American political history".

I hope I'm wrong.


oldswede said...

And McCain will grimly lie that it's all Obama's fault that McC's campaign was forced to go to the sewers. All restraints will be off, "Goddamn America" will be all over the media. Remember when McC told the Carolina Republicans (can't remember N or S) to stop with the Wright ads? Well, because Obama did something or other, McC will be forced to bring back the preacher. So sorry, he'll whine, but it's that black guy's responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about McCain, I have never seen him take responsibility for anything his campaign has done. Certainly Ms. Perky will not be held accountable for anything, damn, they can't even point out she doesn't have answers for basic answers with out the wingnuts going ballistic. (I would pay to see her have to go on the View and Joy Behar and Whoopi have a go at her.)
I love that they are now citing the New York Times, which they said had lost all journalistic credibility.
And the funny thing about acquaintances, we all have them. McCain may remember his good friend Charles Keating, or his ties to Jack Abramoff's lobyist buddies, or his first wife, whom he cheated on after he returned to find her shorter and heavier because of a traumatic car accident. He sure seems to like to surround himself with younger, prettier, more pliable women all the time! (Watch out Cindy, Botox doesn't work forever)
That old man has a very short memory apparently.
I too love the subway, efficient and entertaining! Coincidentally, I was in Conn. last week, drove about half the state and saw just one teeny, tiny McCain bumper sticker. Renewed my faith in the state, which was shaken after Lieberman got re-elected.
I have loved your site since the Lamont campaign. Thanks for providing a place to come and laugh and chat with like-minded folk!

CT Bob said...

Oldswede - Obama is going on the offensive. It's fucking awesome to see their campaign strategists acting so proactive, instead of reactive, which has gotten us nowhere in the past.

Thanks UptowNYChick - glad to have you back commenting here, and I remember you from two years ago (has it been that long since Lamont's campaign? wow) as being one of the more supportive voices here. It's appreciated, believe me.