Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dodd out!

Go read the news elsewhere, I gotta get ready for work!

UPDATE: The Senator and me. Photo from the inauguration, Jan. 2009, Washington DC. I lost a few pounds since this photo was taken.

And yes, I was actually wearing a hat indoors! I didn't have any choice; there was no coatroom in the caucus room of the Russell Senate Office Building, so the coats were just stacked on top of one another. If I set it down, it would have gotten crushed. And it's my favorite hat!


Anonymous said...

Hey look it's James R. Miron looking pretty crappy between you and Dodd. Man he had to be CT's worst mayor of all time. Should be kicked out the Democratic party for being such a shit.

CT Bob said... don't like him, right?

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>And yes, I was actually wearing a hat indoors!

You were brought up better than that.

Taking the hat off is the modern remains of the ancient custom of Knights who removed their helmets in the presence of those they felt their friends and thus, before those they wished to honor by showing that they trusted them.

Thus, failure to remove one's hat is a strongly implied threat of a pending attack.

A more complete hat site is here.

CT Bob said...

I wrote that specifically for you, ACR.

This is a man obsessed with hats and the wearing thereof!

Do you consider it bad luck to place a hat on a bed? Have you ever crossed your fingers and spit in your hat? Why do witches wear pointy hats?

And I'll bet you must have HATED Tom Landry AND his hat! LOL!

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>I wrote that specifically for you..
I knew that; you're funny..sometimes.

>>Do you consider it bad luck to place a hat on a bed?

It sure was for me!

When I was around 8 or 9 I had just come in from sledding (in Colorado prior to their paving the whole place there was lot's of sledding) and having no idea that was any sort of problem, mindlessly tossed my knit stocking cap on my bed.

Let me preface this:
My father was a complete gentleman at all times, his friendly demeanor (my cousins and others that knew him well still maintain he was the funniest man they ever knew) rarely varied, he *never* swore, his finger nails and shoes were always absolutely perfect. Highly educated, bonafide tough-guy (WWII behind the lines OSS agent (which I didn't know until I was 36)) and he was #2 (to the owner) at the largest employer in the state.
He very rarely raised his voice.

Until he saw my hat on my bed.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
It was the first time I ever heard my dad shout! You would have thought I'd have committed an axe murder!

While I remain confused as to why a hat on a bed is taboo, I was "impressed" enough to comprehend that for whatever reason such an act was highly improper and have not only never done it again, but have a phobia regarding hats in general having made the error of waltzing into the house wearing one at some point a year or two later which resulted in the second time I heard my dad erupt.

>>have you ever crossed your fingers and spit in your hat?
No idea what that's about, nor do I have a hat into which I could spit.

>> Why do witches wear pointy hats?
I dunno, but they're only believed to exist by those bastard horrid Puritans that began arriving here after the Mayflower in 1629/30 which resulted in Hooker leading his band of 6 other more authentic Christians here (2 of which I can claim) to settle Hartford, then CT.

However, since a hat equals a helmet, thus implying an intention to attack; wearing a hat into a civil setting is a direct threat.

The young fellow that eventually became my son-in-law made the mistake of wearing one not only into the house but to the dinner table where, when I saw it I explained if he did it again I'd take it off for him with a slug from a 357.
Neither he nor my step-daughter spoke to me (which meant she couldn't ask me for money) for a week or two; but he's never been seen within a mile of here with a hat on since either.

You noticed my son didn't have one at Eli's I assume, nor would he.
His fingernails and shoes are generally perfect as well; I'm working on his fucking swearing I don't have any idea what makes him thing that shit's okay but I'll put a stop to that crap before he turns 23. No idea HOW seeing as he can bench press a car and tends to "bring a friend" with him.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>you must have HATED Tom Landry AND his hat

He wore it outdoors; he did however strike me as arrogant.

Doesn't matter, I've never watched an entire football game in my life, puts me to sleep faster than counting sheep.