Friday, April 27, 2007

Do not "test my will" on Iraq

Spoken like the truly impetutous man-child with enormous daddy issues that we know all too well!

(Via The Raw Story):
"And if the Congress wants to test my will as to whether or not I'll accept the timetable for withdrawal, I won't accept one," he told a news conference at his retreat in Camp David, Maryland...
Of course, Baby Prez, of course...because this whole issue is all about YOU!

Jesus, when will it become apparent to all those fence-sitting Republican senators that Bush doesn't give two shits about how the war progresses, as long as he gets his way. One way or another, he'll be gone in 20 months or less, and as long as he's in charge, dammit, nobody but nobody's gonna tell him what to do with his war!!!

The way I see it, two things may happen:

1) Congress will keep sending funding resolutions to W's desk with an exit deadline, and after enough vetos those 16 or so more Senators will have had enough and change their votes to override Cubby's veto, or

2) Congress will cave to the Prez and send a new bill with no deadline...

...and should that second possibility occur, I'll officially give up all hope for my party's ability to do anything useful ever again!

This is going to be THE defining moment for this Congress. They can choose to stand up to a criminally inept administration and stop this war, or they can meekly submit to George's will and walk dumbly in line like sheep to the slaughter.

I'm willing to believe that the odds are about 50-50 right now...but we'll have to see how the Dems spin it after W vetos the current bill.

I predict that things will probably be very different by this time next week.

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