Thursday, April 19, 2007

In case anyone doubted what McCain is all about...

Any politician who would joke like this is dangerous and psychotic.


Connecticut Man 1 said...


You really should head over to technocratie and claim your Blog... Before someone less scrupulous than me does! heh :)

Anonymous said...

"dangerous and psychotic"

More like funny and silly.

With all the stuff coming out of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's mouth this stupid joke isn't a big deal

If Iran is offended too bad!!!

CT Bob said...

Yes, because it's important that the United States never lets someone else be a bigger asshole. We're number ONE!

tessa said...

McCain has a bad case of what Mike Brown (not that Mike Brown) calls "Hoof in Mouth" - mixing metaphors for fine effect.

Cloven hoof?

CT Bob said...

Which "Mike Brown", then?

And there IS a livestock disease called "hoof and mouth", so technically it's not a mixed metaphor; especially if you're a horse's ass, like Mike Brown (not THAT Mike Brown!)