Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kucinich to propose Cheney impeachment

Even though he's a longshot candidate for president, Dennis Kucinich remains a dedicated congressman who works tirelessly to bring balance back to government. Kucinich has become the conscience of the Democratic party, and indeed, the House of Representatives.

From an article in NewsMax.Com:
Rep. Dennis Kucinich – the darkest horse in the race for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 – said he will file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

The Ohio congressman sent a letter to his Democratic House colleagues on Tuesday declaring his plans to file, according to the Washington Post’s blog The Sleuth.

Kucinich’s office had no comment on the letter or what the focus of the articles of impeachment would be.

The letter read in part: "This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney. Please have your staff contact my office . . . if you would like to receive a confidential copy of the document prior to its introduction in the House.”
The public announcement of this action has been postponed in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, but is expected possibly early next week.


Anonymous said...

"Kucinich remains a dedicated congressman who works tirelessly to bring balance back to government"

What is he Luke Skywalker??

Fact of the matter is this possible impeachment with just divide our govt and nation further apart. Even if it is completely necessary.

CT Bob you sure have a love affair with Kucinich, 8 out of 10 posts this month are about him

CT Bob said...

Let's start with the premise that Dick Cheney deserves to be impeached.

That's a fact; you can argue all you want against it, but it won't change that fact.

Christ, the Bush administration has been a million times more divisive than anything a call for impeachment would bring. Were you awake during the late '90s, when Clinton was impeached for having the kind of sex that doesn't make babies? Bush/Cheney have done much worse than that! TO US!!!

Someone in the House has to have the balls to take the first step. When the public hears about an impeachment action, they'll contact their representatives and tell them they want to see it passed.

Then more congressmen will jump on board.

Whether it carries or not isn't the point. The main thing is that we START the discussion, and send a message to Bush/Cheney that there WILL BE accountability for their crimes!

So yeah, I like Kucinich for that. If we had more people like him representing us, we wouldn't be stuck in a shithole like Iraq right now.

Anonymous said...

All very good points

tessa said...

But when Ed Quish proposed an impeachment resolution at the Milford DTC, people blamed _me_ for taking the party Leftward. What will happen to _me_ if Kucinich makes this rash move?

And by that I mean ME!!!!

CT Bob said...

Oh, I'm sure you're already on a list somewhere!

Daren B. Sobel, RN, BSN, BS California said...

I have never despised a team more than I despise Bush / CHENEY. I sincerely hope that there will be charges forthcoming when this administration ends its choke hold on America.
Cheney has used our country to make billions of dollars on the blood and backs of the soldiers and civilians who are this country. Bush is a good little puppet.
Although your no strings campaign is goofy and stupid, it makes the point.