Monday, April 02, 2007

A missed opportunity

I totally forgot that yesterday was April Fool's Day, until I read Matt Browner-Hamlin's post over at MLN titled "BREAKING: Shays Attempts Party Switch, Denied By Pelosi".

The funny thing about it is that nothing that Chris Shays might do would surprise anyone these days. It sounded completely plausible at first!

And then I thought about April Fool's Day, and realized it would have been the perfect time to announce my intention to challenge Jim Amann for his House seat!

I'm sure I would have gotten a few friends to fall for it. There would have been a flurry of emails and phone calls, and I probably could have gotten some mileage out of the prank. I'd have a good chuckle and then forget about it.

But then I started thinking about the implications of a joke like that. An overly enthusiastic supporter might have felt that it was necessary to contact the media, to get the story out immediately. I can only imagine the crap I'd have to deal with if an article appeared in the Hartford Courant this morning discussing my intention to run for office. My wife might have heard about it from somebody at work this morning and quite possibly have killed me.

Then the joke would truly be on me!

Ah, maybe it wouldn't be that good of a joke after all.

But at least I got to write a blog article about it. So in retrospect, I think I actually did take advantage of the opportunity, by not making a prank announcement and simply writing about how I could have done it!



spazeboy said...

So you're announcing today that you intended to announce your candidacy yesterday?


(It's not worth it if you dn't get to be the speaker too. Wind-up chattering teeth come with the gavel.)

ctblogger said...

I don't care what you say, I'm going to start a "write-in" campaign for you.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Ya know what? I think we could probably get Bob past the nominating process the same way Lamont got in.

You may find this prank will backfire on you whether ya like it or not. lol

PS: I knew Matt was joking as soon as I saw the unsourced material. But you have sourced this post... You must really be running!

Gabe said...

Look Bob, stop nudging this thing, we all know you are running, just jump in and lets go!

CT Bob said...

Look, I really appreciate all you maniacs who want to support me in a doomed and quixotic challenge to a well-entrenched incumbant, and if I didn't have a life or anything to look forward to, I'd consider doing it.

But summer's coming and my sailboat would interfere greatly with any political aspirations I might pretend to have.

And if by some nutty coincidence the planets magically aligned properly and I somehow WON the stupid thing, I gather they'd expect me to show up in Hartford to work. They don't pay near enough, and I'm way too laid back to work two jobs.

So thanks, really. But it's not ever going to happen.

Gabe said...

Its those kind of equivocations that are fueling maniacs like me.

If ever you would come out and just say that there is no chance, we would stop, but until you do...

Bob in 08!

CT Bob said...

"there is no chance"

Happy now?

Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V always come through for me. LOL!

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I noticed you put that in quotes... Who are you quoting there? Obviously it wouldn't be in quotes if you were saying it. lol

CT Bob said...

LOL! You guys are killing me!