Thursday, April 26, 2007

Slow blogging day

Not because of any lack of news or interesting political developments, but due to the fuzzy-headed effects of the cold medicine on my brain.

I'd like to post a carefully crafted article about yesterday's vote on the Compassionate Care bill up in Hartford, but I can't seem to string two coherent sentences together.

The Kucinich push to begin impeachment hearings on Dick Cheney deserve a close look, simply to examine the implications of even discussing the idea, but I currently lack the focus to tie together my would-be brilliant argument in an astounding manner.

And there's other stuff going on, but I'm out of energy to even list them now.

So I'm watching Court TV's coverage of the Phil Spector trial. Because, you don't really need a fully functioning brain to appreciate the amusing grimaces and funny looks that Spector loves to make (in full view of the camera).

And I'm loving former John Gotti-defense attorney Bruce Cutler's opening statement. He's faced with a difficult case and he's just bulling his way through his statement. The Prosecutor is continually objecting to Cutler's use of argument in the opening statement. And it's kind of weird to hear the defendent referred to as "Philip" rather than Phil.

Now it's time for more Day-Quil. I don't care what they say, it DOES make you feel a little muzzy.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

Day-Quil? Feeling a little under the weather? Get well soon! (If that is the case?)

CT Bob said...

Thanks. Feeling a bit better today. One more day of rest and I'll be back up to speed, I think.