Friday, April 27, 2007

The real reason why Bush will veto the bill

(from HalliburtonWatch.Org - click on image to enlarge)


CT Bob said...

OT - This is really strange. Since last night, I've been getting tons of hits from people searching for "Elizabeth Kucinich". Did they show a picture of her at the debate? I missed it, I was at the DTC meeting.

MikeCT said...

I don't know how much she appeared, but she was interviewed with him on Fox.

Personally, I think the two of you were separated at birth, so that could also explain the confusion.

MikeCT said...

Or maybe it was MSNBC

CT Bob said...

Well, either way she's getting Googled something fierce today.

(gosh, that sounded a wee bit naughty!)