Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Four more interviews from the JJB Dinner

This makes a total of EIGHT videos I've uploaded from the JJB dinner, making it the single most prolific event I've been to.

Hmmm...can an event be "prolific"? I don't know. Probably not. "People" are prolific, I think. My grammar usually stinks. Please don't chime in with agreement, I already know it.

Anyway, even though I only shot about 48 minutes of video total, the sheer volume of awesome people who agreed to talk to me on camera made it a very productive evening.

(And I know for a fact that "evenings" can be productive!)

Here's the final four interviews, presented in alphabetical order:

Rep. Jason Bartlett (D-Bethel, Danbury, Redding); I asked him to give a special shout-out at the end of the video that CT Blogger will get a kick out of.

Rep. Tom Drew (D-Fairfield)

Rep. Andy Fleischmann (D-West Hartford)

Senator Andrew McDonald (D-Stamford)

I'm very grateful to Ned Lamont and Kim Hynes for making it possible for me to be there that night. Even though I "worked" most of the night, I managed to have fun and meet a lot of interesting people.


CGG said...

Glad you have Rep. Drew on video. I do wish he'd have mentioned the many Fairfield liberal bloggers out there. I think we have more active blogger/DTC members than any other town or city in CT.

ctblogger said...

Great job Bob!

CT Bob said...

CT Blogger, did you see Jason Bartlett's plug for HCB?