Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kucinich at UConn

I know this is starting to look like Kucinich Tube, but the fact is, the candidate has visited Connecticut twice recently, I've been given unprecedented access to him, and he's been very forthcoming in his interviews. I'd be happy to give any other presidential candidates equal time should he or she be willing to give me the same access.

(Somehow, I doubt Hillary or Barack will be knocking down my door begging for an interview!)

Plus, I happen to think we can do a hell of a lot worse than having Dennis be sworn in on that special day in January, 2009.

Dennis spoke at scheduled Iraq debate panel up at UConn last Sunday; he was running late, so he simply spoke briefly and answered questions after. Here's the speech:


Connecticut Man 1 said...

I think this is great work you are doing. No one in the MSM gives the liberal in this campaign any credible coverage.

You are read enough both locally and nationally to do the job they are too incompetent to do.

Kudos to you... Hopefully it will have some impact on the campaign.

CT Bob said...

I appreciate that...we've all got to do the jobs that the MSM won't bother with. Working like this we'll have some impact on the national dialogue.

Corporate media may be the biggest threat to democracy there is.