Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wilton High School kids get to perform their play

In New York City, at The Public Theater and The Culture Project, this June.

In this article in the Stamford Advocate:
WILTON - The controversial play about the Iraq war created by Wilton High School students and canceled by the school's principal is making an off-Broadway leap.

After receiving national media attention and receiving offers from several local venues, the students will perform "Voices in Conflict" in June at The Public Theater and The Culture Project in New York City.

The play, a collection of readings that students in an advanced theater class assembled from interviews, letters and blogs from veterans, was canceled by Principal Timothy Canty after a student whose brother is serving in Iraq complained about a lack of balance.


Details are still being worked out, but the play will be performed June 15 at the theater in New York City's East Village.

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Fuzzy Turtle said...

Wow.. that's HUGE. The Public Theater is a fantastic space. IT's not some hole down in the village in the basement...!!

What a great venue for these kids, what a fantastic chance to shine. This is something they'll be able to put on resumes and college applications, and tell their kids and grandchildren. And it's a victory for free speech! I can hear their principal sobbing all the way from Wilton, I swear!

Somewhere, Joseph Papp is smiling