Saturday, April 21, 2007

More JJB photos

Me with my camera. Boy, that thing does look a bit intimidating!

Dave and Dr. Stephen W. Hawking (or maybe it's Sal; I'm always getting those two confused!)

Kim and Aldon Hynes with Tessa Marquis. Kim made up those nice Virginia Tech ribbons that everyone's wearing.

CGG pins one of those ribbons to Dan Malloy.

Ned visits our table. It turned out that he did see me pack up my camera and leave while he was speaking at UConn last Sunday! I felt awful having to do that, but I was with the Kucinich people, and after Dennis finished speaking, they had to go right away. I didn't have any choice, so I packed up and left right in the middle of Ned's opening remarks!

Of course he noticed it (how could he have NOT? I was smack in the middle of the seats with my stupid camera and tripod, six rows back!), and he mentioned it to me last night. Ugh, was that awkward!

Ned received the longest and loudest ovation of the night; more even than Sen. Dodd. I kind of get the impression that the State Central people STILL don't fully appreciate how much real affection there exists for Ned within the party. For instance, Lieberman's name was STILL on the official program for the evening. I only wish they acted more decisively in condemning turncoat Joe Lieberman for betraying the Democratic party starting the day after the Primary. We might have had Senator Ned on the stage last night, instead of him sitting at a rather good table in the crowd.

Oh well, that's all water under the bridge. Joe Lieberman slept well last night I'm sure.


vagabondblogger said...

Wow. Kind of makes me all jealous and that. We went to the dinner a couple of years ago (we're new to CT, btw), when the Boss Man & I were back visiting from Baku, Azerbaijan. We really enjoyed it, joined the town party (he attended all the meetings) and we sort of got involved (I worked for Ned at the polls last year.) Being here in Cairo, where political bloggers are being jailed and watching what's going on there, particularly in CT, makes me drool. I wish I was there. As for Joe - I could try to ship some horny toads to him - they're apparently in mating season right now, lovin it up and making so much noise here, no one's getting any sleep.

I just wish the Dems would get some balls - really - why the f is Joe on their list?

Anonymous said...

Young man, you should be ashamed of yourself, leaving Ned like that. I meant to be there, but bedtime is 7:30. Visiting my 80 year old mother in law in Florida took the wind out this old fart.

Tessa looks like she's been in the sun -

Actually, I'm jealous. However, I did get a chance to sit next to Nancy Johnson's field director on the flight down - and he maintains he had nothing to do with those commercials. He, however, is looking for a job. A very nice person - he was totally respectful when I mentioned that I'd interviewed a presidential candidate with a plastic flower.

I swear.

CT Bob said...

Vagabond, we're working on getting Joe excommunicated. He's betrayed us enough; we won't allow him to call himself a "Democrat" and further sully our wonderful party's name!

Sue, I truly am ashamed of walking out on Ned. I felt like a bastard doing that, but the prospect of a 90-mile hitchhike home pretty much sealed the deal.

During the storm of the century, mind you!

Anonymous said...

Bob, that was Sal. Dr. Stephen Hawking has a filter between brain and voicebox.

Anonymous said...

The Courant article said Ned got a warm welcome as he made his way to his well located table. It said Dodd's remarks got a standing ovation. I guess the reporter was [a) out of the room, b) had left the building c) was at least more than a block away] when Ned got his rousing ovation. Take heart, Bob. Your Blog has probably had hits in the last two days that State Central can only dream of. uh oh, bee in the room, gotta go...

CT Bob said...

Watch out for that bee!

tessa said...

Plan B.

And no I am not hitting the tanning booth, I am just recovering my normal olive tone -- last year's elections nearly did me in.

My notes on the evening are:
Hurrah for Ned Lamont! A stand up guy deserves a standing ovation every time.