Sunday, April 22, 2007

Video impressions of the JJB dinner

Lots of folks who were at the dinner will recognize themselves in this video. I didn't bother with captioning it because you all know who you are!

There's probably another three or four interviews I've still got to edit and upload, so if I interviewed you Friday night, don't despair; it'll be online within the next several days.


pamB said...

Hi Bob, Great running into you at the JJB dinner. Saw Aldon & Kim, but couldn't find Maura.

Wanted to go and say hi to Ned, but he seemed to be surrounded all night. Wonder if he got to eat.

Wore a Jim Himes sticker, and he came up to me at my table to shake my hand. Nice guy. Looking forward to working with him.

Nice event. Wish I could have shaken Nancy's hand, but with 1500 people, I can understand .

Nice event, nice venue, nice meal (when it finally came), and great dessert!

fun time.


tessa said...

You must have ordered the stuffed sole or vegan...the chicken was so bad that even the politicians are complaining.

MVD said...

fantastic video...I loved it! Thanks for making it and sharing it with your readers.

CT Bob said...

Thanks PamB and mvd! Tessa, yeah the chicken was pretty awful...but I was so hungry I ate it anyway. And the chocolate mousse was dee-lish!