Thursday, April 12, 2007

LW: Stop "harassing" us, maaannnn!

Lieberman Watch: On the very morning that the Iraqi Parliment (in the heart of the "Green Zone") was successfully bombed by insurgents killing at least eight Iraqis, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) went on his favorite news network, Fox News, to continue his insane rhetoric on how we are making "progress" in what has now become America's quagmire for the 21st century. Sounding much like a petulant child.

From The Raw Story:
Lieberman: Critics Of Bush’s Iraq Policy Are Engaging ‘In A Kind of Harassment’

This morning on Fox and Friends, Sen. Joe Lieberman declared, “I’m with McCain. I think that we are making progress over there” in Iraq. He went on to blast the majority of his Senate colleagues who have voted to begin a phased withdrawal from Iraq. Lieberman said, “I say to them…you ought to be fighting to cut the funding off instead of entering into a kind of harassment that’s involved now.” He concluded by arguing Bush’s escalation plan ought to go forward “without us back biting from here.”

Watch it here, courtesy of MyLeftNutmegger on Youtube:


VizierVic said...

I'm sorry. I can't watch him. I wanna hurl every time he comes on the TV or the radio. I can't move my hand fast enough to change the channel. He's insane, corrupt and dishonest. Why waste time listening to anything he has to say?

Robert said...

Hey Connecticut Bob,

I'm not sure how else to contact you, so I figured I would just post here. I'm working on a book for the Ladder Press (a small publishing company) about the Senate Race last year and I was hoping to arrange some kind of interview with you about your experiences. I've already written a great deal about the role the internet played in Lamont's campaign and you were one of the most prominent local bloggers at the time. Feel free to contact me via e-mail ( anytime.

Rob Glidden

CT Bob said...

I understand. And I don't blame you a bit...that's how I feel when I see Sean Hannity or Ann Coulter on the tube; I simply can't change the channel fast enough.

But we have to keep watching Joe. Unlike those other Fox News idiots, Lieberman can actually vote to keep this war going forever. And every time he calls himself a Democrat, we have to call him on it.

CT Bob said...

Rob G., I've added a link to my email; I can't believe it wasn't there before.